Earth Sciences


Our department awards several scholarships annually to geoscience majors:

Dr. Melvin Owen Smith Memorial Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

Must be a prospective or current student in good standing in accordance with current institutional policies;

must be a United States citizen; must have a minimum 3.00 GPA; must show financial need.Preference will

be given to a student majoring in Earth Sciences.Second preference will be given to a student majoring in one

of the physical sciences (Biology, Wildlife & Fisheries Science, Chemistry, Pre-Professional programs, or Physics).

Preference will be given to a student who is a veteran.Preference will be given to a full-time student.If two

applying students are otherwise equal, the one with the greater need should be deemed the recipient.

The existing recipient may continue to reapply to be reviewed with other applicants.

Glasscock Scholarship

The award is given each year to a geoscience major, based on a combination
of scholastic promise, character, and financial need; some preference is given
to students with a small town Tennessee background. The Glasscock scholarship
is generally given to a junior or senior level geoscience major.

Walter L. Helton and Earth Sciences Alumni Scholarships

These two scholarships are funded by a department endowment that subsists
through alumni donations.

Stonecipher Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen majoring in geosciences.

Fraser Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a geoscience student who exhibits
outstanding academic credentials and leadership.


Other forms of financial aid exist. The Department of Earth Sciences
provides meritorious geoscience majors with opportunities to "learn and
earn" through lab assistantships and grant-funded research assistantships.
Lab assistants are provided with office space and a small salary. Grant-funded
research assistantships include geologic experience as field assistants to
geoscience faculty, sample and specimen preparation work for faculty, and other
work related to faculty research projects.