Creative Writing Concentration

Memorial to John Heminge and Henry Condell,
key figures in the printing of Shakespeare's First Folio,
St. Mary Aldermanbury Garden, London

The M.A. concentration in Creative Writing helps students develop their writing as poets, fiction writers, and creative essayists beyond skills developed at the undergraduate level. Students in this concentration may be looking to develop their talents to the point where they can gain entrance to a prestigious M.F.A. or Ph.D. program in Creative Writing. They may be seeking space to study writing in the context of graduate literary study in English, working with professors who are themselves published authors. They may be refining their writing with the goal of publication, or just creating work of publication quality and honing their craft. We offer advanced courses in Poetry and Prose Writing with very small enrollment, facilitating one-on-one work with our creative writing faculty, as well as workshops where graduate students learn not just from professors but from fellow student writers, participating in the conversations that help build nuanced skills as creative artists.