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Regional teachers, K-12, all subject areas, are chosen each year to participate in the UCWP Invitational Summer Institute (ISI). The UCWP recognizes the expertise of successful classroom teachers and puts these teachers to work teaching others. At the conclusion of the Summer Institute, UCWP Fellows become Teacher Consultants who facilitate professional development and community outreach programs throughout our region. This model celebrates superior teaching and superior teachers, a model that places a premium on what is working and what is possible in all classrooms.

Through teaching demonstrations, discussions, and reading, teachers discover innovative ways to meet standards and to implement differentiated instruction; methods of assessment that are both teacher-driven and student-driven; approaches to writing and reading that develop critical thinking among students; and realize that wonderings about students and learning become the beginnings of classroom inquiry. In morning writing workshops, teachers recover their love of writing. At the conclusion of the Summer Institute, the teachers create an anthology of writings produced during the Institute.


Applications for the 2016 UCWP Invitational Summer Institute will be available in early 2016.