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Immediately following the 2008 Summer Institute, twelve UCWP Teacher Consultants presented their teacher demonstrations to other area teachers attending a week-long professional development workshop called Write-On, which was made possible by an Improving Teacher Quality grant through the Tennessee Higher Education Commission obtained by Director Shannon Collins and TC Tony Baker. Twenty-eight regional classroom teachers participated in this open program and returned in the fall for a one-day follow-up in which they demonstrated how they had incorporated strategies from the summer workshop in their current teaching.

Irving College Elementary

Immediately following Write-on, Director Shannon Collins, Tony Baker, Kevin Lewis, and Cecilia Jenkins traveled to Irving College Elementary in McMinnville, TN to deliver a daylong professional development to twenty teachers of grades K-8. The four worked with the teachers to develop a sense of who they are writers and as teachers of writing. After recognizing that they are a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic network of professionals, the TCs began demonstrating ways to build on their existing instruction.

Putnam County School System

In January 2009, TCs Martha Ramsey and Marianne Rohr delivered a professional development to local county teachers on behalf of the UCWP, with Martha presenting one additional session. Both sessions focused on incorporating writing into the existing classroom by providing examples and research as to why writing is such an important part of the learning process.

P16 Mini-Workshop

The P-16 Mini-Workshop is supported by TTU's School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Extended Education. The workshop is held on TTU's campus and draws two to three hundred area teachers. The UCWP was granted two two-hour sessions in which two teams of four TCs presented condensed versions of their teacher demonstrations. One team concentrated on journals/writer's notebooks, while the other centered around strategies of helping writers develop their own topics. Each session demonstrated to a full house.