What Have participants said about UCWP institutes?

Invitational Summer Institute (ISI): two-week workshop for practicing teachers

Invitational Residency Institute (IRI): three-day winter workshop for TTU student teachers

"ISI has taught me that there is a place for creative writing in the academic setting. It has also helped me to view myself as a writer and not just a teacher of writing. I am taking away so much enthusiasm for writing and for teaching writing." - Ashley W. (grade 3 teacher), ISI 2016.

"When I first came to participate in ISI, I was very apprehensive about writing and teaching writing. Not anymore! I am so excited to demonstrate all that I have learned to my students! Writing is now one of my favorite subjects. - Donna L. (grade 7-8 English/language arts teacher), ISI 2016.

"I am a math teacher who tried to fit writing into my classroom before this summer institute. I never particularly liked writing at a personal level. It was a 'necessary evil' to fulfill the CCSS standards. After this institute, I feel like I could have classroom that lives and breathes writing. Writing is a tool that will help my students understand math at a deeper level." - Carey W. (high school math teacher), ISI 2016.

"Teaching writing becomes a very solitary task that ultimately makes us feel very alone in our endeavors. Coming together with other teachers who are driven to improve education for students becomes a time of renewal. For me, participating in UCWP this summer has renewed by drive for teaching writing and for producing my own writing. I have also gained a lot of ideas for improving writing instruction and assessing that writing, but tools only take you so far. The time of renewal has been the most important benefit for me and is something I now want to foster for other teachers." - Erin S. (high school English teacher), ISI 2016.

"This workshop/institute caused me as an educator to step back and re-evaluate and reflect on my stance on writing and how to incorporate it into my classroom. This IRI reminded me of the wonder of falling in love with writing and has me anxious to provide my student with that sense of wonder. I would recommend this opportunity to all teachers/future teachers and hope to attend many more UCWP events." - Ashley G. (early childhood education major), IRI 2016.

"The Invitational Residency Institute is a great way to learn some strategies that you can use to get students excited about writing! You will learn why teaching writing is so important, as well as learning ways to encourage young writers. At this institute you get practice with activities that show students that writing does not mean they have to use the standard five-paragraph formula. Writing is fun!." - Victoria E. (special education major), IRI 2017.

"I honestly think that anyone who doesn't try to take part in this free professional development opportunity is a goofy, goofy goober. We've written, reflected, explored. I've learned how valuable mentor texts can be in the classroom. I've learned about how important it is to establish a writing culture and how to establish that culture. I've learned about how important it is for teachers to write alongside their students. I've learned about what kind of feedback to provide to student writers and what kind of feedback not to give. I've learned several methods to help inspire new ideas for student writing. I've learned what it's like to be a part of a writing community. I just wish this workshop had been longer!" - Erin C. (secondary English education major), IRI 2016.

"The IRI is a great way to inspire future teachers to be passionate about writing in the classroom. Every student in the field of education can benefit from this institute--whether you are an early childhood major or secondary ed major. It was full of great resources, new ideas, and unique thoughts to bring the fun back into writing." - Callie K. (early childhood education major), IRI 2017.