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The Writing Excellence Studio at TTU (WEST) is here for your department! While the Studio is still on the hunt for a physical location, the director and consultants are currently accepting requests for training workshops on specific writing needs.

The Studio's premier service is custom workshops and training sessions designed for the requesting discipline, program, class, or group. Such workshops might include writing training on a particular document type, the written portion of an exam (such as the GRE or CLA+), a writing technique or skill (such as synthesizing sources or publication preparation), technical writing strategies (such as syntax and diction), etc. The Studio will build a training session to the needs of the requesting department.

The Studio also offers private writing consultation for upper-level students, graduate students, and faculty/staff of all disciplines. The Director of the Studio works closely with other disciplines to provide the most quality writing assistance possible. More services will be provided once the Studio opens its physical doors.


Until the Writing Excellence Studio at TTU consultants move into a permanent space, the Studio is in the preliminary training and development stages. The consultants and director have a temporary space for weekly meetings to develop workshop materials. The workshops and training sessions are held in the requesting department's preferred location.

If you have current training needs for your students or staff and would like to request a workshop regarding advanced writing, feel free to contact the Studio, and we will develop a custom workshop for you and come to your building/space for the session. If you have future training needs, contact us and we will begin developing the program to be held in our space once open.

During the Spring 2015 semester, the Studio began offering its first workshops for various departments on campus. While the Studio may still be in the development stage, it is already in action and ready to serve any group or department on writing needs.


The current staff members of the Studio are:

Jared Burton, GTA

Blake Marlow, GTA

Taylor Moore, GTA

Chris Vineyard, GTA

Dr. Paullett Golden, Director

Contact the director for future or current writing needs:


The Studio will not offer tutoring services, so if you need tutoring for your freshman/sophomore classes, please visit the tutoring services available in the Library Commons.