Department of Foreign Languages

Life After TTU

The Department of Foreign Languages is very proud of its alumni, who now live and work all over the world. Our graduates strive to contribute to the global community. Among our alumni are those with a B.A. degree in French, German, or Spanish; double majors; and those with the B.S. degree in International Business and Cultures (with concentrations in French, German, or Spanish). We are equally proud of the Secondary Education graduates in French, German, and Spanish.

Opportunities for Alumni

Graduates in Foreign Languages and in International Business and Cultures find fulfilling career opportunities in education, private business, and government service, including the Peace Corps. The knowledge of foreign languages also enhances the opportunities for a position in a wide range of professional fields from computer science to law enforcement to music. A foreign language definitely gives a graduate an edge. As our world becomes even more of a global village, those who speak a foreign language will be in demand. You may check out the careers and jobs of our graduates (sorted by field or profession) by clicking here.