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The Department of Foreign Languages at Tennessee Tech University offers an undergraduate major in Foreign Languages with concentrations in French, German, and Spanish. Several program paths are available to the Foreign Languages major, depending on the student's interests and career plans.

Option 1

Option 1 consists of 30 semester hours in one language beginning with 2010, and leads to a B.A. in one of the following:

If desired, students choosing Option 1 can also pursue teaching licensure concurrently.

Option 2

Option 2 is available to students who concurrently major in engineering or industrial technology, computer science, mathematics, or the physical or biological sciences. With additional coursework, students from these disciplines can earn a B.A. degree in a foreign language in addition to their B.S. degree. This modified curriculum prepares students for the increasingly international dimensions of their professions. Naturally a comprehensive, two-degree program requires at least two additional semesters, but the benefits can make the extra work very worthwhile. Details may be obtained by contacting the Department of Foreign Languages.

International Business and Cultures

The International Business and Cultures degree, initiated in the fall of 1998, is a unique program offering a joint Bachelor’s of Science degree in the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business. The mission of this four-year program is to prepare our students for careers in international business. Headed by co-chairs, Dr. Mark Groundland and Dr. Steven Isbell, the program aims to educate students in the study of human interaction and commerce. The curriculum emphasizes a strong foreign language component along with courses in world civilizations, international finance, economics, management, and marketing. Students participate in either an internship or a study-abroad program. For more information, check out the International Business and Cultures homepage.

Study Abroad Opportunities

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Berlin, Germany

Study Abroad opportunities have increased substantially in the past several years, thanks to the university's scholarship program to help cover the cost of travel to another country on a sponsored program. All foreign-language majors are urged to include a study-abroad experience as part of their major program.

Tennessee Tech offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. The University is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), and utilizes The Magellan Program, the National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA) and several other programs for studying abroad. Check out the Study Abroad homepage to learn how you can see the world and be immersed in a foreign language!