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General Information About Germany

Among other things, you can subscribe to two free on-line weekly news services: Deutschland Nachrichten and This Week in Germany. These are very valuable sources of current information, with colorful photos that can enliven classes.

To subscribe to Deutschland Nachrichten, send a blank e-mail to:

To subscribe to This Week in Germany, send a blank e-mail to:

Study Abroad

There are several Goethe Institutes in the U.S. that serve German teachers.

For German Teachers

Membership in the AATG should be looked upon as a professional necessity. The AATG is the only national organization that represents the specific interests of German teachers and provides them with opportunities for seminars in Germany and Austria at prices that could not be duplicated privately. The AATG also offers a wide range of materials (books, videos, audio tapes, etc) for German teachers at all levels at a nominal cost to cover shipping and handling.

Tennessee has a state AATG chapter, founded in 1971.

Membership in ACTFL should also be looked upon as a professional necessity. Whereas AATG represents the specific interests of German teachers at the national level, ACTFL does the same for the profession as a whole. Because German teachers are in the minority nationwide it is important for them to join with other language professionals in the pursuit of common goals. ACTFL hosts an annual conference (usually jointly with AATG) that is the largest foreign-language conference available for classroom teachers.

As with the two national organizations listed above, membership in the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association is a professional necessity at the state level. TFLTA hosts an annual state conference in November, usually in Nashville, and members also receive The Echo, the TFLTA Newsletter.

The Central States Conference represents 17 states in the middle part of the country, from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan in the north to Tennessee and Arkansas in the south; from Ohio in the east to Colorado and Oklahoma in the west. The conference is held in March or April in one of the member states. It is the second-largest regional conference for teachers of all languages, and attendees generally agree that it has earned its nickname as "The Friendly Conference." It is large enough to offer a wide variety of sessions, but still not so large that you miss your friends and acquaintances in the crowd.

If you are interested in any of the various technological enhancements for language learning, this is the organization for you. A subscription to The CALICO Journal is included in the annual dues. CALICO hosts an annual conference and other symposia.

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