Department of Foreign Languages

German Club

German Club (Der Deutsche Klub "Freundschaft")

The German Club sponsors several events every year:

  • "Stammtisch" - A weekly meeting organized by students where all levels can practice their language skills and meet local German speakers in a supportive, informal environment
  • "Filmabend" - Each month, our club screens a documentary or a German-language film so that students can learn more about German history and contemporary culture.
  • "Oktoberfest" - Our main outreach event and fundraiser is our annual Oktoberfest celebration that regularly draws 100 attendees from the University and Cookeville community.
  • "Kaffee und Kuchen" - German students and club members bake a variety of German confections to sell at TTU's annual international festival, Window on the World.
  • "Ausflug" - We organize a number of cultural excursions to the opera or art museums in Nashville; the German Club pays 50% of the cost for club members.
  • Additionally, in the past, club members have also organized a Faschingsparty, a Wandertag, a Curry Wurst Sauce Competition and Easter Egg painting.

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