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Proposing a new course for General Education credit: (1) Mark the relevant outcomes, (2) briefly explain how each will be addressed in the course, (3) attach to the course proposal.

Requesting a course substitution: (1) Check the outcomes met by the substituted course, (2) attach to a completed Undergraduate Course Substitution Form pdf_icon_sm.


All learning outcomes must be met for any course(s) in this category.

Students will demonstrate the ability to. . . .

  1. Analyze and evaluate oral and/or written expression by listening and reading critically for elements that reflect an awareness of situation, audience, purpose, and diverse points of view.
  2. Distill a primary purpose into a single, compelling statement and order and develop major points in a reasonable and convincing manner based on that purpose.
  3. Develop appropriate rhetorical patterns (i.e., narration, example, process, comparison/contrast, classification, cause/effect, definition, argumentation) and other special functions (i.e., analysis or research), while demonstrating writing and/or speaking skills from process to product.
  4. Understand that the writing and/or speaking processes include procedures such as planning, organizing, composing, revising, and editing.
  5. Make written and/or oral presentation employing correct diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics.
  6. Manage and coordinate basic information gathered from multiple sources for the purposes of problem solving and decision-making.
  7. Recognize the use of evidence, analysis, and persuasive strategies, including basic distinctions among opinions, facts, and inferences.