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Proposing a new course for General Education credit: (1) Mark the relevant outcomes, (2) briefly explain how each will be addressed in the course, (3) attach to the course proposal.

Requesting a course substitution: (1) Check the outcomes met by the substituted course, (2) attach to a completed Undergraduate Course Substitution form pdf_icon_sm.


All learning outcomes must be met for any course(s) in this category.

Students will demonstrate the ability to....

  1. Build on (not replicate) the competencies gained through the study of two years of high school algebra and one year of high school geometry.
  2. Use mathematics to solve problems and determine if the solutions are reasonable.
  3. Use mathematics to model real world behaviors and apply mathematical concepts to the solution of real-life problems.
  4. Make meaningful connections between mathematics and other disciplines.
  5. Use technology for mathematical reasoning and problem solving.
  6. Apply mathematical and/or basic statistical reasoning to analyze data and graphs.