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Department of History

Do American History 2010 and 2020 have to be taken in order?

No, these courses DO NOT have to be taken in order. American History I (2010) covers American History up to 1877 and American History II (2020) covers American History from 1877 to current.

Who is my Advisor?

Typically everyone starts out with Dr. Roberts, chair of the History department. However, you are free to choose anyone in our department as your advisor after seeking approval from said professor/instructor. Please notify the department secretary of any changes regarding advisement so she can make the necessary adjustments on Banner.

Can I get a permit for a closed course?

The best way to obtain a permit for a closed course is the ask permission from the professor teaching the course. If the professor gives written approval we will grant you a permit.

Can non-History majors take upper division History courses?

Absolutely. There are no prerequisites for an upper division History course. We would advise however that you contact the professor before the course begins.

What is the future schedule for Senior Seminar?

Fall 2015 - Dr. Wali Kharif "The Emergence of Modern America: 1877-1912"

Spring 2016 - Dr. Jeff Roberts "History of Terrorism"

Fall 2016 - Dr. Troy Smith

Spring 2017 - Dr. Kent Dollar

Fall 2017 - Dr. Susan Laningham