Department of History

Scholarships and Awards

History Faculty Scholarship

Incoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible for this scholarship.

2018-2019 Awards:  Allison Wittmer and Samuel Gillies

The History Winchester Lecture Series and Endowed Scholarship

High School seniors and Community College students who have both academic scholarship and financial need may apply for this scholarship. The number of awards and the amount of each depend on available funding. Recipient must submit his/her best paper.

2018-2019 Award: Jennifer Huffman

B.F. Jones Scholarship

All history majors who are in good standing with the university may apply for this award. The recipient must submit his/her best paper, and the paper must have been submitted in an upper division History course.

2018-2019 Awards: Emily Thomas 

Marion Hood Langlois Endowed History Scholarship

Students who exhibit excellent academic scholarship qualify for the scholarship. Financial need may be considered, but is not required.

2018-2019 Award: Hannah Rowland

Betty Sue Huddleston Allen Endowed Scholarship

2018-2019 Award: Hannah Rowland 

Marshall and Thelma Bertram Liberal Arts

2018-2019 Awards:

2018 History Lyceum

Best Paper: Chad Vigeant

Best Presentation: Allison Wittmer

Best Score on History Exam: Allison Wittmer