Department of Mathematics

Graduate Program

The Master of Science degree program in Mathematics at TTU has thesis and non-thesis tracks and offers three areas of study: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. Students can pursue research in various fields including algebra, analysis, differential equations, topology, pure and applied statistics, numerical analysis and scientific computing. A guiding principle of the program is to provide a strong curriculum with enough flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. Many graduates of the program have successfully continued their studies at the doctoral level. Other graduates have pursued careers in education at the university or community college level, or have obtained employment in government or industry. The preferred academic background from applicants to the program is an undergraduate degree in mathematics. However, applications are welcomed from non-mathematics majors whose undergraduate degree is strongly related to mathematics.

Admission applications will be considered at any time, while applications for an assistantship will be evaluated beginning FEBRUARY 15 for the subsequent fall semester and OCTOBER 15 for the subsequent spring semester. Applicants will be notified shortly after these dates if they have been awarded an assistantship. In order to be considered for an assistantship, applicants need to get all application materials (current transcripts, GRE scores, and reference letters) in by the requisite deadline. Applicants also need to be admitted to our graduate program before they may receive an assistantship. Any questions may be directed to Dr. Chris Davis at

To apply for admission online, please click here.