Department of Mathematics

Master's Degrees Awarded











  • Quinton Westrich (Alexander Shibakov, Gutek, Norden, Savage)
    Differential Topology and the h-Cobordism Theorem
  • Lily L. Li (Allan Mills, Allen, Chambers)
    Some Well-known Properties of the Relaxation Operation in Matroid Theory




    • Seun Akinwumi (Richard Le Borne, S. Le Borne, D. Smith)
      Numerical Behavior of the QR-Decomposition Approach to Solving the Recursive Adaptive Filter Problem
    • Eric Bouldin (Brian O'Connor, Liu, Hetzel) Non-thesis
    • Troy Brachey (Rafal Ablamowicz, Hetzel, O'Connor)
      Grobner Basis Algorithms for Grassmann Algebras in a Maple Package
    • Che G. Ngufor (Sabine Le Borne, O'Connor, Chambers)
      An Approximation Inverse Preconditioner for Saddle Point Problems Applied to Groundwater Flow
    • Brad Schwer (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Savage)
      Characterizing Topological Spaces Using Topological or Algebraic Invariants
    • Donna Tucker (Michael Allen, Anthony, Talbert)
      The Intelligence of Statistical Learning Algorithms
    • Songfei Wu (Michael Allen, Machida, D. Smith)
      A Combination Procedure of Universal Kriging and Logistic Regression


    • Jared C. Daniels (Allan D. Mills, Chambers, Liu)
      Two Alternative Proofs of a Matroid Reconstruction Result
    • Bennie Hodges (Rafal Ablamowicz, Kosa, Mills, Norden)
      Application of Category Theory to Basic Principles of Automata Theory
    • Rebeca Lewis (Andrew Hetzel, Ablamowicz, Mills)
      Sufficient Conditions for a Finite Semiring to be a Ring
    • Ronald Smitty (Rafal Ablamowicz, O'Connor, D. Smith) Non-thesis


    • Barry Thomas Elliott (Richard P. Savage, Jr., Gutek, Mills)
      Overlapping Congruent Isosceles Triangles
    • Yu "Leo" Liu (Yung-Way Liu, Ablamowicz, D. Smith) Non-thesis
    • Dustin Long (Michael R. Allen, D. Smith, Mills)
      A Semiparametric Approach to Linear Regression
    • Dorothy Leann Long (David D. Smith, Allen, Machida)
      Estimating Confidence Intervals for the Fay-Herriot Model
    • Gary Starnes (Brian M. O'Connor, Savage, Liu)
      An Investigation of Numerical Methods for Approximating the Laplace Transform and the Inversion Integral


    • Matthew Estes (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Mills, M. Rogers)
      Properties of Infinite Languages and Grammars
    • Aparna Sonar (Sabine Le Borne, Ablamowicz, O'Connor)
      Domain Decomposition Based Hierarchical Matrices
    • Jianfeng Zhang (Matoya Machida, Allen, Smith)
      Statistical Data Mining Methods in Adverse Drug Reaction Database


    • Rolando Navarro (David Smith, R. Le Borne, Mills) Non-thesis
    • Cheryl Swafford (David Smith, Machida, Allen)
      An Order Statistics Approach for Testing Normality
    • Jun Ye (David Smith, Machida, R. Le Borne)
      Robust Estimation of Extremes
    • Ping Ye (Yung-Way Liu, Murdock, Garimella)
      Bound States in Two and Three Quantum Waveguides Coupled Laterally through Boundary Windows with Different Channel Widths
    • Qiang Zhang (Ramesh Garimella, Liu, Ablamowicz)
      Matrix Operator on Some LP Spaces
    • Shiwei "Devin" Zhang (Rafal Ablamowicz, Garimella, Machida) Non-thesis


    • Lynda Buck (Michael Allen, O’Connor, McHenry)
      Edgeworth Expansions of Some Well Known Distributions and the Relationships Between These Distributions with Respect to Convergence
    • James Lindsay (Yung-Way Liu, Murdock, O’Connor, Norden)
      Bound States in Three Quantum Waveguides Coupled Laterally through Boundary Windows
    • Sean Tunney (Rafal Ablamowicz, Mills, Garimella)
      On the Continuous Families of Idempotents in the Clifford Algebra of the Euclidian Plane
    • David Young (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Garimella, Savage, Jr.)
      Infinite Dimensional Topology and Homogeneity of the Hilbert Cube


    • Jiang Chang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
      Image Restoration Using Total Variation Norm
    • Zhongming Huang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
      Reliability of the Solutions of Bidiagonal Systems with Applications
    • Jianying Zhang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
      Total Variation Based Digital Image Restoration


    • Scott Baker (Annie Selden, Mason, Savage, Jr., O’Connor)
      Proofs and Logic: An Examination of Mathematics Bridge Course Proofs


    • Devrim Bilgili (Ramesh Garimella, Patil, Breen)
      Inequalities Involving the Maximum Modulus of a Polynomial
    • Ben Howard (Jeffrey Norden, Shibakov, Breen, Gutek)
      Set Theory and the Method of Forcing
    • Volodymyr Hrynkiv (Rafal Ablamowicz, Garimella, Liu, O'Connor)
      On the Invertibility of some Operators on Hilbert Spaces
    • Ellen Smyth (Michael Breen, Mills, McHenry, Ablamowicz, Norden)
      RSA Compatibility with Composite Integers



    • David W. Caughran, Jr. (Nizam Uddin, Breen, McHenry, Patil)
      Some Optimal Row Column Designs in the Presence of Correlated Errors
    • Hanif Talukder (Nizam Uddin, McHenry, Patil)
      Constructions of Optimal Two-Dimensional Block Designs for Correlated Errors


    • Russell Jenkins (Ramesh Garimella, Breen, O’Connor)
      On Inclusions of L^p-Spaces
    • Joanna Leete (Michael Breen, Mazeres, Garimella)
      Maximal Length of a Chain of Principal Ideals in the Semigroup of NxN Boolean Matrices
    • Honghong Zhu (Yung-Way Liu, Linos, Norden, Garimella)
      A Formal Study of Dependencies Found in Computer Programs


    • Tina Anderson (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Khleif)
      The Matrix Equation AX + XA = 0
    • Noah T. Colson (Brian M. O'Connor, Dixon, Liu )
      Canonical Forms For Second Order Partial Differential Equations
    • Hongxing Lai (S. A. Patil, Liu, Uddin)
      Poisson Process of Order k with Waiting Time


    • Eric Trees (Michael Breen, Linos, Gutek, Mazeres)
      Characterization of Layered Graphs and Optimization of Their Edge Intersections


    • Bobbi Jo Butler (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, McHenry)
      The Transportation Problem
    • Qianyu Chen (Nizam Uddin, Patil, O’Connor, Liu)
      Construction of Universally Optimal Nested Row-Column Design with Unequal Block Sizes
    • Leann Link (Jacob T. Beard, Mazeres, Garimella)
      Iterated Sums of Polynomial Divisors over GF(p)
    • Kenneth Selvidge (Ramesh Garimella, O’Connor, Dixon)
      A Study of Functions of Bounded Variation and Generalized Hellinger Integrals


    • Aditi Badve ( S. A. Patil, Liu, McHenry)
      Hybrid Transform and Related Distributions
    • Frank Bin Lu (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Beard)
      Some Bifurcation Properties in the Lorenz Systems
    • Angela Neal (S. B. Khleif, O’Connor, Mazeres, Liu)
      Duality in Linear Algebra with an Application to Linear Programming
    • Ren Shan (Brian O’Connor, Breen, Liu)
      Finding the Shortest Paths in a Parking Lot using a Successive Approximation Method


    • Marc Campbell (Jeffrey Norden, Mazeres, Mason)
      A Study of Paracompactness in General Topological Spaces


    • John Benjamin Daley (Ed Dixon, Beard, Norden)
      Almost Commutative Matrices
    • Mohamad Diab (Edmond Dixon, Mason, O’Connor)
      Almost L-Commutative Matrices
    • Leisa Hopkins (Reginald Mazeres, Ramsier, O’Connor)
      Some Properties of Cyclic Group Generators from 2x2 Matrices MOD P
    • Beth Riter (Steve Ramsier, Patil, Liu)
      A Correlation Coefficient test for Normality
    • Kokesh Kadakia (S. A Patil, Ramsier, Liu)
      The Generalized Poisson Process, Negative Factorial Moments and Limiting Distributions for some Discrete Distributions


    • Michael Allen (S.A. Patil, Ramsier, Liu)
      Distributions of Two and Three State Markov Chains with Applications
    • Dollena Hawkins (S.A. Patil, McHenry, Norden, Mason)
      Distribution of Ratios of Uniform Random Variables with Applications to Roots of Polynomials
    • Pamela Nickrand (Andrzej Gutek, Norden, Purisch)
      Transitive and Almost Transitive Homeomorphisms on the Cantor Set
    • Craig Knuckles (Steve Purisch, Norden, J. Selden, Savage Jr.)
      Nonarchemedian Topological Spaces
    • Stacy Williams (Brian O’Connor, Savage, Jr., Liu)
      Analysis of Subseries of the Harmonic Series
    • Maria Pantazopoulou (Alice Mason, O’Connor, K. Kumar)
      Applications of Topology in the Study of Defects in Condensed Matter Physics


    • Vesna Cavka (Yung-Way Liu, Patil, McHenry)
      Liapuunov’s Functions and Applications on Stability
    • Bhavna Vyas (Steve Purisch, Liu, Mason, Patil)
      Sequential and Subsequential Spaces
    • Robert Hebble (John Selden, Mason, Savage, Jr.)
      Locally Compact Closures of the Semilattice of Positive Integers
    • Barry Hamilton (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, B. Briggs)
      The Singular Perturbation Method of a Satellite Problem



    • Umaru Saleh (Yung-Way Liu, Patil, Mazeres)
      Integral Equation Method of Solving Boundary Value Problems for Laplace’s Equations


    • Ayman Badawi (Jacob. T. Beard, Dixon, Mason)
      Non-Unitary Perfect Polynomials over GF(p)
    • Kim McFadden (S.A. Patil, McHenry, Mason)
      Poisson Process and Reliability Relationships Applicable to Bathtub-Shaped Hazard Rate Functions
    • Ali Noureddine (Brian O’Connor, Savage, Jr., Dixon, C. Ventrice)
      Methods Relating Integral and Differential Equations


    • Shelly Forgey (Alice Mason, O'Connor, Mazeres)
      Upper Semi-Continuous Collections
    • Shankang Qu (Claude McHenry, Mason, Patil)
      The Distribution of Most Significant Digits For Values of Certain Random Variables
    • Robert G. Wynegar (Reginald Mazeres, Mason, McHenry)
      Strategies For The Niven Dice Game


    • Felix Fernandez (Brian O'Connor, Long, McHenry)
      Laplace Transform Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Coefficients
    • Martha Emily Hill (Brian O'Connor, McHenry, Long)
      The Methods of Jumps as Applied to Fourier Series, Legendre Polynomial Series, and Laplace Transforms
    • Raghuram K. Machiraju (S. A. Patil, Mason, McHenry)
      The Reliability Analysis of Nonrepairable Systems and the Development of a New Failure Model
    • Fadhilah Abd. Razak (S. A. Patil, O'Connor, McHenry)
      Some Compound Discrete Distributions
    • Dewey Dickson Thurman (Richard Savage, Jr., Mason, Mazeres, Dixon)
      Overlapping Rectangles of the Same Width


    • Mohammad R. Kafai (S. A. Patil, McHenry, O'Connor)
      One-Sided R-Reliable Intervals and Their Associated Confidences on the Sum of Two Continuous, Independent, Random Variables


    • Demetrois P. Kanoussis (S. B. Khleif, O'Connor, C. Ventrice, McHenry)
      Boundary-Initial Value Problems in Elliptic Coordinates


    • Lloyd Rabindra Jaisingh (C. E. McHenry, Patil, O'Connor)
      Some Geometrical Interpretations of Least Squares
    • Frances Eubank Crawford (Reginald Mazeres, Long, Dixon)
      Concerning Paths in a Rectangular Grid


    • Coral Thomas Wallace, Jr. (Edmond Dale Dixon, Long, McHenry)
      The Matrix Equations AX = XA and A*X = XA*
    • Wynella Meachum Mathes (Leland L. Long, Ramsey, Romine)
      Power Spectral Density Techniques in Modeling Water Temperature Regimes of Large Rivers
    • Adedeji Bodunde Badiru (Leland L. Long, Lessman, Mazeres)
      Stochastic Modeling of Energy Consumption at Tennessee Technological University


    • Gary Lynn Slagle (Reginald Mazeres, Savage, Long)
      Extension of the Kaplansky Property to Special Types of Four-by-Four Matrices
    • Debra L. R. Hall ( Leland Long, McHenry, Patil)
      Approaches to an Analysis of Covariance Linear Model
    • Sharon Reed Lee ( Reginald Mazeres, Dixon, Savage)
      Concerning Square and Triangular Matrices
    • Lai Chu-Ai Jen ( S.A. Patil, McHenry, Long)
      Distributions of Ratio Statistics for a Sample from the Two-Parameter Exponential and Gamma Distributions with Applications



    • Debra Tibbels (Richard P. Savage, Mazeres, Swong)
      Congruences with Composite Moduli
    • Gordon L. Freeman, Jr. (S .A. Patil, Long, Ramsey)
      The Development of the Covariance Matrix of the Order Statistics of a Generalized Logistic Distribution and Applications


    • Linda Brown Draper (S.A. Patil, Swong, Yoon, Fletcher)
      Mean Square Errors of Estimators in the Presences of an Outlier
    • Lisa Randolph Gentry (Reggie Mazeres, Khleif, Dixon)
      Some Properties of Characteristic Equations and Characteristic Roots of Two by Two Matrices
    • David Wayne Jessee, Jr. (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Dixon)
      Concerning Free Groups of Finite Order
    • Albert Han-Chu Liu (S.A. Patil, Ramsey, Lessman)
      On the Distribution of the Studentized Bivariate Range from Correlated Sample
    • Claudia Torgerson Mitchell (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Mazeres)
      The Power Method for Determining the Maximal Eigenvalue for a Matrix


    • Peggy Bishop (S. A. Patil, Buck, Long)
      Biases and Some Mean Square Errors of Certain Statistics in the Presence of an Outlier
    • Michael Howard Alexander (James Harris, Long, Ramsey)
      Linked List Structures Applied to a Student File Maintenance Program
    • Diane Coleman (Daniel Buck, Long, Mazeres)
      Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Using Successive Over-Relaxation
    • Marilyn Sieben McIntosh (Richard Savage, Mazeres, Briggs)
      Pythagorean Triples and Obtuse Pythagorean Triples
    • Dilip Patel (S. A. Patil, Savage, Harris)
      On the Bivariate Truncated Poisson Distribution


    • Shelia Ray Tallent (Reggie Mazeres, Khleif, Savage)
      Simple Semigroups and Related Concepts
    • Kin-wing Wong (James Harris, Buck, Long)
      Study of A-Stable Multistep-Multiderivative Integration Formulas for Solving Stiff Differential Equations
    • Stephen N. Estes (S.B. Khleif, Mazeres, Savage, Swong)
      Positive Definite Matrices and Associated Hermitian Forms
    • Lynne Hanson Moorer (S. B. Khleif, Mazeres, Savage)
      On Normal Matrices
    • Charles Edward Stevens (Leland Long, Buck, Jones)


    • Maw-Wen Lin (S.A. Patil, Long, Buck)
      Estimation and Testing of the Pareto and Exponential and Related Families
    • Iris Cauthen McMurtry (Richard Savage, Mazeres, Swong)
      Fibonacci Numbers: Identities and Divisibility Properties
    • Evangelos Theodore Skoumbourdis (Reggie Mazeres, Culp, Dixon, Buck)
      Semigroups, Right Groups, and Groups
    • Teresa Tzong Yang (S.A. Patil, Savage, Buck)
      The Distribution of the Ratio of Sample Variances of Components of Correlated Normal Population with Different Scale Parameters
    • Eddie Bingham (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Briggs)
      Properties and Interrelationships of Regular, Inverse, and Cancellative Semigroups
    • Ei-Hu Shen (S.A. Patil, Buck, Mazeres)
      The Bivariate Distribution of the First Passage Time in Brownian Motion


    • Linda Dianne Goulder (Reggie Mazeres, Buck, Savage)
      Relationships Between Semigroups and Groups
    • Marcellus Hebron Graham (Robert Briggs, Mazeres, Briggs)
      A Comparison of Second Countable, Hereditarily Separable, Lindelof, and Aleph-compact Spaces
    • Dennis Nolan Bean (Robert Briggs, Savage, Dixon)
      A Study of Compactness in Moore Spaces
    • Carolyn May Bingham (Donald Ramsey, Mazeres, Briggs)
      Generation Polynomials for Finite Semigroups
    • Leslie Irene Hale (S.A. Patil, Buck, Ramsey)
      The Distribution and the Moments of Order Statistics of a Mulivariate Normal Population with Common Correlation and Their Applications


    • Ching-ta Kao (James Harris, Savage, Buck)
      Comparison of a Pece Method and Liniger and Willoughby's Method for Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Natavarbhai Gordhanbhai Patel (James Harris, Ramsey, Buck)
      Study of Cyclic Methods for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
    • Arvindkumar Kantilal Shah (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
      Some Partition Identities and Generating Functions
    • David Allen Stults (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Dixon)
      Properties of E-Inversive and Rectangular Semigroups


    • Margaret Clift Hairston (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
      Periodicity of the Fibonacci Sequence
    • Richard Lee Melhorn (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
      Fibonacci-Type Sequence
    • Devendra C. Patel (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon)
      Distribution of Maximum Likelyhood Estimator of p in the Multivariate Normal Population Having Uniform and Circular Covariance Matrix
    • Pi-choa Ko (S.A. Patil, Savage, Mazeres)
      Applications of Waiting Time to Counting Processes
    • Edward Wu-Chieh Tseng (S.A. Patil, Jones, Dixon)
      The Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimators for Some Special Density Function and Their Variances
    • James Martin Stephens White, Jr. (Bobby Wilder, Briggs, Mazeres, VanCleave)
      Reflexive Linear Spaces
    • Nancy Wei-dz Wong (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Savage)
      K-Commutativity of Matrices
    • Felix R. Hoots, Jr. (Robert Briggs III, Dixon, Swong)
      A Comparison of Covering Properties in Moore Spaces
    • James Richard Harville (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
      K-Commutativity in a Ring


    • J. B. Patel (S.A. Patil, Swong, Jones)
      On the Minimum Unbiased Estimator of Common Variance of Multivariate Normal Population
    • Francis Ermon Little (Robert Briggs III, Dixon, Ward)
      A Study of Compactness in Metric Spaces
    • Gerald Walter Haynes (Bobby Wilder, Briggs, Savage, VanCleave)
      Finite Dimensional Linear Spaces



    • Josefino W. Y. Huang (Edmond Dixon, Swong, Patil)
      K-Commutative Matrices
    • Shirley H. Liao (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon)
      The Exact Distribution of the Ratio of the Mean to the Square Root of the Sum of Squares From a Normal Population
    • Te-chi Wu (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon, Swong)
      A Tetravariate Generalization of Student's t-Distribution
    • Shyue C. Tao (S. A. Patil, Swong, Dixon)
      Inversion of Certain Matrices and Their Applications to Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Regression Coefficients
    • Dong Gill Lee (Ralph Boles, Jones, Swong, Dixon)
      Legendre Polynomials and Applications


    • Franklin D. Cheatham (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
      Theorems on Semigroups
    • Patricia Rhea Ware Daggett (A. R. VanCleave, Jr., Swong, Dixon)
      Concerning Topological Properties of Product Spaces
    • Julia Ann Watts (Edmond Dixon, Sublett, Ward)
      Some Theorems on Higher Commutators in a Ring
    • Tony M. Hinson (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
      Determinants of Special Matrices
    • Leon Harold Darby (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Jones)
      Some Theorems on Idempotents in Various Algebraic Structures


    • Jacob T. B. Beard, Jr. (Edmond Dixon, Boles, Mazeres)
      Maximal Matric Fields Over a Finite Field
    • Elzie G. McBride, Jr. (C. G. Phipps, Dixon, Mazeres, Doran, Boles)
      Hyberbolic Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions
    • Bethel Carlton Flatt (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Ward, Boles)
      Theorems on Commutator Subgroups


    • James W. Lea, Jr. (Cecil Phelps, Boles, Clark)
      The Well-Ordering Theorem and Some Equivalents