Department of Mathematics

April 23, 2009

On April 23, 2009, Dr. Allan Mills, Chair in the Department of Mathematics, presented S.A.Patil Mathematics Award, R.H. Moorman Memorial Award, Grateful Heart Scholarship, Stanley W. Erwin, M.D. Scholarship, Stanley Dolzycki Memorial Scholarship, The Dr. and Mrs. S.A. Patil Scholarship, and The Graduate Student Mathematics Teaching Award. Below are some pictures from the awards ceremony.


James Sunkes, The S.A. Patil Mathematics Award recipient 2008-2009


Daniel Wilkerson, The R.H. Moorman Memorial Award recipient 2009-2010


Amy Forgey and her father Mr. Steve Forgey, The Grateful Heart Scholarship recipient 2009-2010


Dr. Phillip Bertram with Matthew Bedford, The Stanley W. Erwin, M.D., Scholarship recipient 2009-2010


Kimberly Tidman, Dr. and Mrs. S.A. Patil Scholarship recipient 2009-2010

Awards for Graduate Students:


Mrs. Jadwiga Dolzycki and Quinton Westrich, The Stanley Dolzycki Memorial Scholarship recipient 2008-2009


Stephen Hoyer and Sheela Brachey (not pictured), The Graduate Student Mathematics Teaching Award recipient 2008-2009