Department of Mathematics

April 26, 2007

On April 26, 2007, Dr. Allan Mills, Interim Chair in the Department of Mathematics, presented The Leonard Dunavin Mathematics Scholarship, The Angelo and Jennette Volpe Scholarship, S.A.Patil Mathematics Award, R.H. Moorman Memorial Award, Grateful Heart Scholarship, Stanley W. Erwin, M.D. Scholarship, Stanley Dolzycki Memorial Scholarship, The Graduate Student Mathematics Teaching Award, and an Achievement in Independent Learning Award. Below are some pictures from the awards ceremony.

Awards for Undergraduate Students:


Spencer Le Doux, The Leonard Dunavin Mathematics Scholarship 2007-2008


Brandy Spears, and Donors Dr. Angelo and Jennette Volpe, The Angelo and Jennette Volpe Scholarship 2006-2007


David W. Cook, III, and wife Meredith, The S.A. Patil Mathematics Award 2006-2007


Staci Daniel, The Grateful Heart Mathematics Scholarship 2006-2007


Anna Ablamowicz, The R.H. Moorman Memorial Award, and The Stanley W. Erwin, M.D., Scholarship 2006-2007

Awards for Graduate Students:


Rebeca Lewis and Mrs. Jadwiga Dolzycki, The Stanley Dolzycki Memorial Scholarship 2006-2007


Ronald Smitty, The Graduate Student Mathematics Teaching Award 2006-2007


Bennie Hodges, An Achievement in Independent Learning Award 2006-2007