Department of Mathematics

Resources for incoming students

As shown below some lower-level TTU mathematics courses have a minimum ACT Math score as a prerequisite.
Course Required Minimum ACT Math Score
MATH 1830 –Concepts of Calculus 25
MATH 1910—Calculus I 27
MATH 1911—Calculus I Honors Seminar 30

In order to help students determine their readiness for general education mathematics courses, the Mathematics Department has placed a Practice Mathematics Placement Test on the web at This five-part practice placement test consists of randomly generated multiple-choice algebra or trigonometry questions. The test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and yields five placement levels. The Practice Mathematics Placement Test can be taken multiple times and no scoring record is kept.

All prospective students, regardless of ACT Math scores, are encouraged to take the practice placement test following the posted instructions and to view the resulting placement recommendation. Then, if the placement test indicates that mathematics review is advisable, a student can refresh their mathematical skills before attempting their first mathematics course at TTU.

To aid a student in reviewing mathematics, the Mathematics Department has developed webpages containing brief reviews of precalculus mathematics topics and randomly generated online quizzes that students can use to assess their mastery of the material. These study aids are available at The review quizzes can be taken multiple times and no scoring record is kept.

A student who does not have the requested minimum ACT score to enroll in a desired course may take the official Math Placement Test in hopes of scoring well enough to be allowed entry in the course. Students should contact the Mathematics Department at (931) 372-3441 to schedule a testing date and time. The Math Placement Test that you will be given at that time is similar to the practice placement test described above.

Students are welcome to contact Dr. Allan Mills, Chair of the TTU Mathematics Department, with any questions pertaining to the posted materials, placement recommendations, or any courses the department offers. Please call (931) 372-3441 or send an email to .