Department of Mathematics

Integration Bee

A great big thanks goes out to the TTU Math Club Officers, Math Department Faculty, our sponsors Progressive Savings Bank and F & M Bank, for making the 2018 Integration Bee a great success.  The Integration Bee was held Wednesday, March 28th at 5:30 p.m. in Bruner Hall 119.  After all the rounds were completed and eliminations were made, the winners were announced. The 2018 winners are: 1st place of $125: David Garber - Math Major; 2nd place of $75: Jacob Escue - Math Major; and 3rd place of $50: Gabriel Threet - Chemical Engineering Major. 

In past years competitions, with the support of First Tennessee Bank, the TTU Department of Mathematics staged the Integration Bee.  Listed below are past year winners.

 Past Winners:
2013 - 1st: Richard Vradenburgh; 2nd: Jared Davis; 3rd: Hieu Pham and Benjamin Rentschler
2012 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Joshua Pyle; 3rd: Erin Ekart
2011 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Jay Hannan; 3rd: Joshua Pyle and Ben Stevens
2010 - 1st: Seok-Jung Yoon; 2nd: Shun Chu Yang; 3rd: Joshua Pyle and Stephen Graves
2009 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Ryan Pavlovsky; 3rd: Alan Longcoy
2008 - 1st: Chirsty Bowers; 2nd: Aaron Hogancamp; 3rd: Seth Pemberton
2007 - 1st: Aaron Hogancamp; 2nd: Eric Weber; 3rd: Brent Smith
2006 - 1st: Williamson Stevenson; 2nd: Michelle Dancsecs; 3rd: Shane Shamanur
2005 - 1st: Patrick O'Malley; 2nd: Jason Knight; 3rd: Christopher Pulley
2004 - 1st: Corey Cooke; 2nd: Alam McCormick; 3rd: Anna Ablamowicz
2003 - 1st: Drew Schmidt; 2nd: Justin King; 3rd: Blake Edmonson