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The TTU Department of Mathematics stages an Integration Bee each spring. With the support of First Tennessee Bank, we have awarded a $125 first place prize, a $50 second place prize, and a $25 third place prize.

 Past Winners:
2013 - 1st: Richard Vradenburgh; 2nd: Jared Davis; 3rd: Hieu Pham and Benjamin Rentschler
2012 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Joshua Pyle; 3rd: Erin Ekart
2011 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Jay Hannan; 3rd: Joshua Pyle and Ben Stevens
2010 - 1st: Seok-Jung Yoon; 2nd: Shun Chu Yang; 3rd: Joshua Pyle and Stephen Graves
2009 - 1st: Joshua Hogancamp; 2nd: Ryan Pavlovsky; 3rd: Alan Longcoy
2008 - 1st: Chirsty Bowers; 2nd: Aaron Hogancamp; 3rd: Seth Pemberton
2007 - 1st: Aaron Hogancamp; 2nd: Eric Weber; 3rd: Brent Smith
2006 - 1st: Williamson Stevenson; 2nd: Michelle Dancsecs; 3rd: Shane Shamanur
2005 - 1st: Patrick O'Malley; 2nd: Jason Knight; 3rd: Christopher Pulley
2004 - 1st: Corey Cooke; 2nd: Alam McCormick; 3rd: Anna Ablamowicz
2003 - 1st: Drew Schmidt; 2nd: Justin King; 3rd: Blake Edmonson