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The “Accelerate to Masters” (ATM) program is an an integrated B.S./M.S. program in Mathematics:designed to provide an opportunity for promising undergraduate students at TTU to begin their pursuit of an M.S. degree in Mathematics during their senior year at TTU. Although program participants in the ATM program will technically not be admitted as mathematics graduate students, participants will be permitted to enroll for up to nine (9) hours of graduate level Mathematics courses. Because these courses will not count toward their Bachelor’s degree, they will be applied to their Master’s degree at Tennessee Tech University or transferred to another institution as graduate credit. In both cases, the courses taken under the ATM program will serve to shorten, or accelerate, the time required as a graduate student to complete their Master’s degree (here at Tennessee Tech or elsewhere).

Admission Requirements

Admission criteria are similar to the traditional graduate program, except that these students will not yet have earned their Bachelor’s degree. To be eligible, students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have an overall GPA of at least 3.00;
  • Must have satisfactorily completed at least 18 hours of upper-division (3000 or 4000 level) work in Mathematics. This total may include courses in which the applicant is currently enrolled;
  • Must have a “B” or better in all upper division Mathematics courses.

Fulfilling the above minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the ATM program. Students who meet the above minimum admission requirements must apply to the Mathematics Department for admission to the “ATM” program under the status governed by “Special Standing.” Then, the Department of Mathematics Graduate Committee will review the application and make a decision for approval. While in the ATM program, students must complete, or have completed, Advanced Calculus I and II. To successfully petition for a status change from the ATM program into the graduate math program (i.e., from having a Special Standing to Full Standing in the graduate program), the student must complete an application for admission into the graduate program and be recommended by the Graduate Committee for admission with Full Standing (as stated in the TTU graduate catalog).

Program Description

ATM program participation does not change the requirements for either the undergraduate or graduate degree programs in Mathematics. Graduate classes counted toward the “ATM” program may not be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Once admitted to this program, the student will be allowed to enroll in appropriate graduate mathematics courses during their (undergraduate) senior year through consultation with the Tentative Graduate Advisory Committee that consists of the student’s Undergraduate Advisor and the Mathematics Department Chair.

[Program approved at the Graduate School Executive Committee meeting held September 7, 2004]

Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Norden, Graduate Committee Chair, at , or Dr. Allan Mills, Chair, at if you have any questions related to your background and its suitability for admission to this program.