About the Department

The central mission of the Department of Physics at Tennessee Technological University is to promote the learning of physics through effective teaching, research, and public service. We address this mission through two programs:

  1. A coherent program of study leading to a B.S. in Physics, and

  2. A service program that provides introductory courses in physics and astronomy that are requirements for other degree programs or are used by students to fulfill general education science requirements.

All departmental personnel, including faculty, staff, and students, have the opportunity to become involved in all phases of fulfilling this mission. The Department is staffed with nine faculty members, a secretary, and an equipment technician.

B.S. in Physics

B. S. degree programs are designed to accommodate those students who wish to prepare for graduate study and future research careers in physics (Option I), and those who wish to prepare for immediate employment or graduate study in another scientific or technical field (Option II). Opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in the research activities of TTU physics faculty members are extensive, as there is no graduate program in physics (and thus no physics graduate students) at TTU. The B. S. degree programs are among the strongest in the nation.

Service Courses

The department teaches introductory course sequences in calculus-based and algebra-based physics that are required by many different technical majors across campus. We also teach a one-semester conceptual physics course (mainly for education majors), as well as two courses in astronomy. All of these courses meet the university’s general education requirements for natural sciences.

A Message from the Chair steve's picture

Dr. Steve Robinson
Professor of Physics

Office: BRUN 227
Phone: (931) 372-3480

I am extremely proud to serve as the Chair of the Department of Physics at Tennessee Technological University (TTU). The department prides itself in having developed an outstanding environment within which to pursue an undergraduate degree in physics. We have a high-quality, rigorous, degree program that provides a firm grounding in the core areas of both classical and modern physics. This is confirmed by the outstanding performance of our students on the ETS Major Field Test (MFT). Our alumni overwhelmingly agree that attaining a B.S. in Physics from TTU has provided them with a firm foundation on which to build a successful and fulfilling career.

I am also proud of our faculty members, who are firmly committed to their role as educators, and are also first-rate researchers, with expertise in either nuclear physics or physics education. The department has a long-standing commitment to involve undergraduates in research and has been nationally recognized for its efforts in this direction.

If you are looking for a high-quality physics degree program that will give you a great first step on your career ladder, then TTU would likely be a good fit for you. More details about our program, and about the department, can be found on these pages. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

As part of the university's institutional effectiveness system the Physics Department has developed a number of strategic program goals and student learning outcomes. To learn more about these consult the latest annual report on them via the link below:
Latest TTU Physics IE Report