College of Arts and Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of tools do you provide to help me choose a major?

Our office provides a Strong Interest Inventory that any student may access by coming by our office and taking a few minutes out of their schedule to complete. We usually receive the results back within two weeks at which time you will be e-mailed notification of its arrival. You may schedule an appointment with the director to review your results.
In addition we utilize the Sigi 3 Career Inventory, that is available on campus.

Q. How do I change my major?

Any student may come by our office and obtain a change of major form and have one of our office personnel approve the change. You then take the change of major to the "new" declared major and obtain a signature from your new department. You must return the change of major form to the Records Office in order to complete this process.

Q. Where can I find the schedule of classes?

From Eagle Online homepage, click Registration and then click "Class Schedule"

Q. How do I drop and add courses during the semester?

Students may drop and add any time during the pre-registration and regular registration phases. You may access your schedule by using Eagle Online to complete this process. However, you may not drop the following courses without going to the Registration Center: any Developmental Studies courses, ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020, and UNIV1020 equivalent courses. After the last day to register, add, or change sections students must see their advisor for a signature on the Drop/Add form.

REGISTRATION CENTER, Jere Whitson Building

Q. Where and when will I be notified for advisement?

We will contact you through your campus mail, e-mail, and/or voice-mail. All students need to access their e-mail and voice mail accounts once enrolled in order to receive important campus information. We usually notify students throughout the semester for advisement notifications, registration information, mid-term progress reporting, and various informational deadline dates. The online calendar also provides the dates for advisement.

Q. How do I find my alternate pin?

Log into Eagle Online, Enter Secure Banner, click on the Student tab, click on "Registration", click on "Select Term" and change the term to the one for which you are registering, click on "View Banner ID, Reg. Times, PO Box, etc..." Here you will see your alternate pin.

Q. How do I confirm my schedule?

ALL students must confirm enrollment by the application deadline each semester. Failure to confirm will result in schedule cancellation. To confirm: from Eagle Online, enter Sucure Banner, after entering User ID and PIN, click Login, click the "Student" tab, select "Student Account", select "Account Detail...", select term and submit, click on "Yes, I will attend...". If enrollment is successful you will receive an immediate response, if you do not receive this message your enrollment is not confirmed. You may have an outstanding balance and your enrollment is not confirmed until fees are paid.
It is suggested that you print your confirmation # to keep with your records. Use the same procedure as listed above for finding your alternate pin to find your confirmation #. If your confirmation # is not listed below your alternate pin, contact the TTU Business Office (931.372.3311)
Also, check your confirmation # after adjusting your schedule. If your confirmation # is no longer listed, check to see if you have an account balance and reconfirm.

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