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All students, regardless of what academic path they choose, may at times find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges inherent in the college environment. Students who are struggling academically due to job responsibilities, lack of certain skills or focus, financial problems, or personal troubles may find that they are facing negative grades, poor academic standing, or suspension. Caring and professional advisors in the Student Success Center are available to meet with students one-on-one to help identify problems and create an action plan for recovery. This can include recommending a reduction in course or outside work load, repeating necessary classes, tutoring and the use of labs, dropping classes that may be too difficult, incorporating time-management and study skills, career counseling, or a referral for personal counseling. Once a strategy is underway, advisors will remain in contact to help ensure that the student maintains focus and motivation.

Often, students wish to succeed on their own and ask for help only as a last resort. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be too late for the assistance to be of benefit. The Student Success Center proactively contacts students throughout the semester to offer assistance and resources. We assure students that using support services is not only valuable, but encouraged as part of the total academic experience.