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Registration Information


.......all students MUST have met with an advisor and received an advisement sheet with courses listed. Your advisor will give you your Alternate Pin. You can log on and register AT or AFTER your registration time only.


Your advisor from the Student Success Center will contact you via email when advisement for the next semester begins. You must call 372.3610 or come by the center in HH 202 to schedule an appointment. Please check your TTU email account often.

How to Register Online

Fee Payment Deadline

Students will be notified for fee payment deadlines and billing procedures via email. YOU MUST CONFIRM (see instructions below) AND PAY FEES BY THE DEADLINES DESIGNATED OR YOUR SCHEDULE WILL BE DELETED. If your schedule should get deleted for non-payment/confirmation, you will use the alternate PIN given to you at advisement to register for classes as previously advised. Contact the Student Success Center if you need to choose new classes or if you need further assistance.

Student's Guide to Registration Errors

Additional Info.:

How do I find my alternate pin?

Log into Eagle Online, Enter Secure Banner, click on the Student tab, click on "Registration", click on "Select Term" and change the term to the one for which you are registering, click on "View Banner ID, Reg. Times, PO Box, etc..." Here you will see your alternate pin. If no alternate PIN is listed, contact the Student Success Center to schedule an appointment for advisement. (Make sure you selected the correct term.)

How do I confirm my schedule?

ALL students must confirm enrollment by the application deadline each semester. Failure to confirm will result in schedule cancellation. To confirm: from Eagle Online, enter Secure Banner, after entering User ID and PIN, click Login, click the "Student" tab, select "Student Account", select "Account Detail...", select term and submit, click on "Yes, I will attend...". If enrollment is successful you will receive an immediate response, if you do not receive this message your enrollment is not confirmed. You may have an outstanding balance and your enrollment is not confirmed until fees are paid.
It is suggested that you print your confirmation # to keep with your records. Use the same procedure as listed above for finding your alternate pin to find your confirmation #. If your confirmation # is not listed below your alternate pin, contact the TTU Business Office (931.372.3311).
Also, check your confirmation #, after adjusting your schedule. If your confirmation # is no longer listed, check to see if you have an account balance and reconfirm.


001,002,003,etc - Refers to "regular lecture sections." These are typically lecture sections that are taught on campus. You may or may not be required to also sign up for a lab section. You will commonly get a "link error" while registering if you fail to sign up for a required lab or other co-requisite course at the same time as your lecture section.

101,102,103,etc. -- Refers to "regular lab sections". These are typically lab sections that are taught on campus. Students are usually required to sign up for lecture sections at the same time as the lab section. Otherwise, you will encounter a "link error". In some departments like Engineering, the last two digits of your lab section MUST match the last two digits of your lecture section. This requirement is typically specified in notes of the "Class Schedule Listing" of Eagle Online.

800,801,802, etc -- Refers to "honors classes." These classes are set aside for students participating in our Honors Program. They always require a permit from the Honors Department. You must get this permit prior to registering for the course. (Honors Program: TJ Farr 204, 931.372.3797)

R50 - Refers to "RODP -Regents Online Degree Program" classes. These classes are managed by RODP and are taught exclusively online. They typically cost more that on-campus courses and have different deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of these differences as well as to logging onto and adhering to RODP regulations.

Other special sections exist as well. For example, S01 typically indicates a supplemental class that starts after the 14th day of classes. Other lettered sections can indicate a Learning Village class set aside for students participating in learning villages. Some sections will indicate that they are part of the 2 + 2 program in the Education Department.

Also, some departments, such as Sociology and Music, will set aside a section for their majors only. Again, this is usually indicated in the notes section of the Class Schedule Listing on Eagle Online. This can be viewed by clicking on the blue CRN number when looking at the class listing. If you continue to have questions, please contact the department of the class that is listed.