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American Sociological Association
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Mid-South Sociological Association
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Society for the Study of Social Problems
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction
Sociologists Without Borders
Sociologists for Women in Society
Southern Sociological Association

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Announcing the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Using the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics to Study Crime

June 9 – July 29, 2011


Department of Sociology, University of Tennessee

MS, PhD 
Criminology, Environmental Sociology, Political Economy

East Tennessee State University

General Sociology; Applied Sociology

Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Middle Tennessee State University


Department of Sociology, University of Memphis


Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University

Arts, culture, religion; Cities, states, and political economy; Deviant behavior and social control; Gender and sexuality; Health and the life course; Race, ethnicity, and immigration; Social movements, politics, and power; Work, labor, and occupations 
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Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas



Department of Sociology and Social Work, University of Alabama, Birmingham

MA, PhD 
Medical Sociology


Emory University

Comparative Political Economy and Global Analysis; Culture; Social Psychology; Social Inequality

Georgia State University

MA, PhD, Joint MA/PhD 
Family, Health, and Life Course; ·Gender and Sexuality; Race and Urban Studies

University of Georgia

Criminology, Deviance, & Law; Race, Gender, & Class; Culture; Social Psychology; Work, Occupation, & Organization


Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky

MA, PhD 
crime, law and deviance; family, health and children at risk; political sociology and social movements, rural sociology and development; social inequalities; and work, organization and economy


Department of Sociology, Mississippi State University

MS, PhD 
Community Development, Criminology, Social Demography and Social Inequality


Department of Sociology, University of Missouri - Columbia

Culture & Identity; Health, Aging, and Environment; Political & Economic Institutions and Social Movements; Social Control & Deviance; Social Inequalities

North Carolina

Department of Sociology, Duke University

Comparative and Historical Sociology; Population Studies; Medical Sociology; Economic Sociology; Stratification; Social Psychology; Sociology of Religion

Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

organizational studies, work and occupations, sociology of the economy, social movements, comparative and historical sociology, life course and family studies, social stratification, social psychology, sociology of religion, quantitative methods, social theory, demography and human ecology

Department of Sociology & Criminology, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Criminology/ Public Sociology

Department of Sociology, North Carolina State University

Crime, Deviance and Social Control; Family and Life Course; Global Social Change and Development; Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender; Rural and Community Sociology; Work, Industry and Organizations


Department of Sociology, University of Virginia

Historical Sociology; Cultural Sociology; Education; Family; Law and Society; Political Sociology; Religion; Sex and Gender; Stratification

Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech

MS, PhD 
Africana Studies; Criminology/Delinquency; Cultural Sociology; Deviant Behavior; Medical Sociology; Mental Health; Work and Labor Markets

Informational Resources

Sociological Literary Resources

Research Resources

  • Census Bureau Press Releases- Provides announcements of new statistics related to a wide range of subjects. Searchable by subject or by date.
  • Data on the Net - A collection of Internet sites of Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses and more
  • World Resources Institute - Provides statistical projections regarding urbanization.


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Law Enforcement Resources:

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