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Web Design

There are five key areas:


A Web site must meet professional and legal guidelines established to allow access to internet materials to the greatest possible number of individuals.

Excellence of Content.

The essence of a web site is its content--the information it provides. An effective web site delivers content as its primary function, and the content it delivers must be the highest of quality.


The web is a paradoxical technology in that it is always changing, but new ideas are quickly replicated. A good site design is innovative in that it has a unique identity versus other sites.


The essence of the web is the navigation--the interconnectedness of all documents. Without effective organization, a site defeats the purpose of the web.


All web sites must be defined with the end-user in mind, and possess a design which meets the highest usability standards. Usability is the major evaluation criteria of web sites.


A successful use of the web requires a site to uphold all five of these values.