Women & Gender Studies

Women & Gender Studies

Looking for a minor that offers the opportunity to study a variety of subjects?

The A & S Women and Gender Studies minor is for you. Students must complete WGS 2010 and a minimum of 12 additional credit hours of course work (including 6 upper division hours) in approved courses.

For a WGS minor, students are required to take

  • WGS 2010 An Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be completed in:
    • English 4731 Approaches to Women and Literature 3 credits
    • History 4350/5350 Gender Studies 3 credits
    • History 4370/5370 Women in American History 3 credits
    • Political Science 3400 Gender and Politics 3 credits
    • Sociology 2200 Gender and Society 3 credits
    *English 4731 and History 4350/5350 may be taken twice provided the course is different each time.
    *These courses are not prerequisites. However, they are not offered every semester, so be certain to take them when offered.
  • The remaining 6 credit hours:
    • may include additional core courses listed above
    • or approved courses that contain a significant focus on women and/or gender
    • or courses for which a student may individually contract with a course instructor to focus on women and/or gender issues (*NOTE: Student contracts must be approved by the instructor before the last day to add classes.)

*NOTE: No student will receive credit toward both the major and the minor from the same course.