Hosting an Approved Event

Campus host

  • Contact the guest or the guest's agency

Confirm the specific terms of the event

date & time

expenses to be covered

  • Confirm availability of the venue

The venue must be able to accommodate technical requirements and expected audience size

Take into consideration whether the campus space is appropriate for all of the elements of the event, including any reception or other related activities

Go to Scheduling Calendar to check on availability

  • Identify additional needs for the event

Equipment - musical instruments, music stands, podium, chairs, etc.

Supplies - including dressing room requirements

Technical resources - video/sound technician, microphones, sound system, projector, etc.

Identify student participants needed for duties such as ushering, distributing programs, moving equipment, etc.

  • Gather information for publicity and program

Request information directly from the guest or agency

Access the guest or agency website


All photos need to be high resolution. If possible, try to use photos that are more interesting than a standard headshot.

Forward publicity and program information to the Center Stage Coordinator. All press releases and other publicity for on- and off-campus events must come from the Center Stage Office.

  • Arrange local transportation for the performer
  • Assist with other needs, such as meals

Center Stage Coordinator

  • Execute contract with the performer/agency
  • Arrange local accommodations and shuttle transportation to and from the Nashville airport for the guests
  • Reserve campus space
  • Arrange technical assistance and necessary equipment
  • Order food for receptions through Chartwell's catering
  • Arrange publicity through TTU Communications and Marketing
  • Print programs
  • Coordinate functions at the event


Distributing programs

Scanning student IDs

  • Execute payment for the performer/agency