Gen-Cyber Camps

This year with support from NSA and NSF (Award# H98230-18-1-0277), we are conducting several Gen-Cyber events for high school students, teachers and counselors. This is a nationwide program by NSA that supports cybersecurity education and training at the K-12 level.

We will conduct a week-long GenCyber Combination Camp for high school students, teachers and career counselors. The FREE camp for 42 selected school students (rising 8th graders to 12th graders) will begin with activities at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. each day at Tennessee Tech Campus. A cohort of 6 high school teachers will be selected from across the participating districts to participate with their students throughout the week while also receiving educator-specific training each day. A cohort of 6 high school career/guidance counselors will be selected to serve as mentors and specifically to gain additional training for future student advisement in computing and cybersecurity. Teacher and Counselor participants will all receive a stipend to actively participate in the camp with their students.  

Students, Teachers and Counselors should APPLY HERE by May 11.

The GenCyber Camp has the following goals:

Gen Cyber Camps

  • Increase cybersecurity awareness among students, teachers and school counselors;
  • Increase interest in cybersecurity among diverse body of students;
  • Help all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior;
  • Provide training for students with instructional activities based upon the First Principles;
  • Empower teachers with training and resources to teach cybersecurity;
  • Empower guidance counselors with resources to serve as ambassadors for cybersecurity.

The 2018 GenCyber Camp will incorporate basic Cybersecurity concepts through hands-on exercises and games involving technologies like the Raspberry Pi and the Oculus Rift, and opportunities to practice soft skills (ethical decisions and presentations). The camp will not require the participants to have any prior knowledge or experience with cybersecurity. All activities in the camp curriculum will be conducted with the assumption that the participants come from different backgrounds and experiences. Activities will be self-paced and supported by relevant background information. Regionally appropriate speakers will also provide an overview of regional and national cybersecurity needs.

In addition to this core camp, the outreach plan is as follows:

  • GenCyber Day at WiCyS 2018 (Participants: ~50): We organized a GenCyber Day workshop for Chicago area high school students on March 22nd, one day before the National WiCyS conference that we organized at Chicago, IL March 23-24. workshop involved running activities from Cisco and existing GenCyber camps at Dakota State University and Tennessee Tech. It also included speakers from Northrop Grumman. More details HERE.
  • STEMMobile Expedition Trips (Expected participants: 300): There will be a field trip (one week long, 1/2 cybersecurity, 1/2 STEM) to a regional high school on a STEM mobile truck provided by the TnTech STEM Center. Each trip will involve stationing the STEM Mobile to allow high school students to board the vehicle and discover cybersecurity-related, hands-on exercises using Raspberry PIs and laptops.
  • Middle School Site Visit (Expected participants: 500): We will visit two local middle schools for a Cyber Conscious Citizen session about Online Safety.
  • Seed Fund to Start CyberPatriot Clubs (Expected seed fund to be awarded: 2): As mentioned before, to continue legacy of GenCyber Camps, once students are interested in cybersecurity as a hopeful outcome of the camp, to facilitate an outlet for them to continue with their new interest, we will encourage them to start Cyber Patriot clubs at their schools. In this regard, to incentivize their effort, two such clubs will be selected to be sponsored.