Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate


The TN Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Certificate is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to provide students with the tools necessary to incorporate I&E in any field of study. The certificate combines explicit training in I&E (minimum 9 hours) and experiential learning through practical application (minimum 6 hours equivalent) to produce well-rounded students who possess knowledge of innovative and entrepreneurial language, processes and strategies for innovation, and hands-on experience of taking part in entrepreneurial activities.

Details for the I&E Certificate

  • This certificate can be earned by a student in conjunction with a university undergraduate degree while at TN Tech. The certificate will be awarded in addition to the student's undergraduate diploma and will be listed on his/her transcript.
  • The certificate will be issued through the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and is available to all undergraduate TN Tech students. The certificate program of study will be administered and monitored by the I&E committee, led by the dean of College of Interdisciplinary Studies, with representation from across the university.
  • A student earns the certificate by completing requirements in each of the three categories of achievement for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Creative Product Design, Entrepreneurial Perspective, and Evidence (See the table below for a description of each).
  • The credit requirements for each category are:
    • Innovation and Creative Design: 3 hours
    • Entrepreneurial Perspective: 6 hours
    • Evidence: 6 hours equivalent (See note 4. on For Students)
  • Students can choose from the list of approved courses or activities to meet these requirements. 
  • Table of Approved Courses
  • Please use this packet to assist you with all required courses, experiential activities, signatures, and etc.