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Trainings & Workshops

iLearn Training 

To access courses in iLearn you must first complete the required training through the CITL. You can request access to the Online iLearn Training by completing the form and we will notify you by email once it is setup. All instructors and TA-Fulls are required to take this training.

Online iLearn Training 

Academic Learning Communities 

One of the strategic goals of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning is to foster a community of teacher-scholars. We do this through a variety of services and programs, but the heart of much of our community-building comes from our learning communities. An academic learning community is a diverse group of faculty and instructional staff, drawn from multiple disciplines and backgrounds, that engage in active and collaborative activities focused on a topic of shared interest, sustained across an academic semester (or longer).

2020-2021 ALCS        

Tech Teaches Series

A series about interesting and innovative Teaching facilitated by our own faculty. Each year we will be hosting a number of Professional Development Opportunities. Please join us to acquire innovative ideas for teaching, network with fellow faculty members, and have fun.  We hope to see you there.

Engage with your colleagues and learn more about what methods, perspectives, and concepts are working with our students across campus.

Are you doing something interesting in your classroom that you would like to share? Would you like to facilitate a Tech Teaches session? Let us know!

Tech Teaches Series 2020-2021

Research 101 Workshop Series

A series about best practices, identifying funding, and all the elements of research. Each session will take a look at different elements of the research and grant funding process. 

Fall 2020 Research 101 Series 

Elevating Engagement Series 

A series focused on student engagement and the various ways for improving student engagement in your classroom. 

Fall 2020 Elevating Engagement Series 



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