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Best Practices for Course Design

Below you will find best practices for course design for each of the modalities. These best practices are based on the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Course Design Rubric, an internationally renowned rubric, and the insights of our Instructional Designers. To schedule a consultation, visit our bookings page

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Tech-Direct (Online)

Tech-Direct Courses – Referred to as “Tech-Direct” where 80% or more course content is delivered online (**Note: Some courses may require testing, labs, or some comparable course activity which will be completed on-campus. All such activities are scheduled prior to the beginning of the semester so students can plan to be on campus or in synchronous virtual sessions during those designated times. The online and alternative delivery fee can only be assessed for courses determined to reflect 100% online course delivery).



Tech-Flex (Hybrid)

Tech-Flex (hybrid) - Referred to as “Tech-Flex” where the course content is delivered through both on-campus and online approaches. The online components average 40-60% but no more than 80% of course content is delivered online. 


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Tech-Enhanced (On Ground)

A Tech-Enhanced course delivers content to students on-ground, or on-campus, as the primary modality, but uses technology to enhance the course by making course materials available online.   This is also referred to as a “traditional” course.  



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