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Group Work Workshops

Group Work Faculty Panel
Heather Rippetoe
September 27, 2022

Group activities can support social, teaching, and cognitive presences in both on-campus and online learning environments. In this session, a panel of Tennessee Tech faculty members will share their techniques for effectively using group work in their courses. The panel and CITL staff will be available for questions.  

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Technology Tools for Group Work
Dr. Kelvin Norman & Lauren Neal 
February 1, 2022

In this session, Lauren and Kelvin discussed the different technology tools available to help you implement group work effectively in your courses. They looked at group collaboration using Office 365 and other technology tools. As well as how to best use OneDrive, Online Doc sharing, Yammer, Kaizala, and other platforms when working within groups, as well as for your course as a whole.

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Group Work Part 1
Lauren Neal & Sydney Story
October 19, 2021 

Student engagement and community are characteristics of a quality course regardless of the modality. While poorly structured group projects can lead to frustration and stifle motivation for students, well-organized projects can pull students together as a team allowing them to learn from each other by sharing perspectives, mindsets, cultural expectations, and ideas.  Join us for part 1 of this two part series and learn how to successfully plan and utilize group work in your courses.  

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Group Work Part 2
Lauren Neal & Dr. Kelvin Norman
October 26, 2021 

Group work is a terrific way to induce collaboration and community in your classroom. In this session we will expand on Part 1 of this series and apply some of the knowledge gained in an activity. Come join us for an interactive session of group work. 

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