2019-2010 Workshops & Programs

Eyes on Teaching

September 30-October 4

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) invites faculty to participate in “Eyes on Teaching” from September 30 through October 4. Eyes on Teaching is a new professional development opportunity where you can attend the class of one of our own TNTech colleagues and observe innovative teaching and learning strategies in real-time. Our faculty participants this fall are Dr. Jason Beach, Dr. Melissa Geist, and Dr. Nikki Panter. These faculty have been identified, through awards, teaching evaluations, and various measures of student engagement and success, as faculty who excel in the area of teaching as well as the scholarship of teaching and learning. To give you the opportunity to observe their teaching approaches and engagement with students, they have agreed to open their classrooms for you to attend class with them and their students during a regularly scheduled class time.
Please note: We do request advanced sign up so we can make sure the classroom seating capacity is appropriate and to avoid any detriment to student learning during the class meeting times.

Due to the overwhelming response, please contact the CITL, agragg@tntech.edu, if you would like to attend one of the available sessions. We hope you will share with all faculty in your respective areas and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Faculty Name

Teaching-Learning Strategies


Class Time

Class Location

Dr. Jason Beach, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Independent/Cooperative Learning; Metacognitive Modeling

Monday, September 30


BART 104

Dr. Nikki Panter, Lecturer, Biology

Game-based Learning of the Scientific Method

Monday, September 30


PENN 211

Dr. Melissa Geist, Professor, Nursing

Flipped Classroom

Wednesday, October 2


BELL 232

Dr. Melissa Geist, Professor, Nursing

Case-Based Teaching

Friday, October 4


BELL 230


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