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iLearn Updates & Information

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iLearn Updates - January/February/March 2019

UPDATE: March 15, 2019
Releases 10.8.9 [January], 10.8.10 [February], 10.8.11 [March]


  •  New assignment types available
    • Evaluate on paper
    • Observed in person
  • An updated list of assignments with more details available for both faculty and students.
  • Assignment Grader, used for offline grading, no longer uses an EduDentity account to login. Faculty will use their iLearn login credentials to access.
  • Faculty will be able to use the pen-enabled annotation on learner submissions to give feedback to students.
  • .CS files (C#) are now accepted file types for assignment submissions.


  • The rubric creation experience has been enhanced and is much better.
  • Rubric feedback icons for students now show if the rubric is ungraded, partially graded or completely graded.
  • Instructors can now enter an overall criteria score in a point-based rubric before clicking the level.

Content - SCORM Report Updates

  • Now includes options for a Summary, Interactions and Objectives reports.
  • Instructors can export the statistics in a CSV format.


  • Quiz - the default when copying will set all quizzes as inactive in the new course.
  • Intelligent Agents - allows an instructor to export an agent run history.
  • Turnitin - To use the e-rater Grammer checker, it must be enabled in the More Options in Turnitin area when setting up an assignment.

View the release notes for January [10.8.9], February [10.8.10] and March [10.8.11].

iLearn Updates - October/November/December 2018

UPDATE: November 26, 2018
Releases 10.8.6 [October], 10.8.7 [November], 10.8.8 [December]

My Home & Course Home

  • Course tiles changed
  • Instructors can customize course banner image text.


  • Evaluation of assignments is now in full screen.
  • New assignment types are able to be linked in Content.
  • Instructors can anonymously grade student submissions.


  • Auto-save for student answers is now enabled.
  • When taking a quiz, the quiz is in full screen.
  • Instructors can add initial text to Written Answer questions.
  • The new quiz experience is the default.


  • Continued improvements to the workflows.
  • Grading rubric feedback will be visible to students in the gradebook.
  • An improved creation experience is coming.


  • Better workflow for using rubrics in the grading experience.


  • Send to Binder has been removed.
  • The wording Overview will be changed to Course Syllabus.

View more details about the current and planned updates for December for iLearn.

For more information about the most current release notes, you can go to the Brightspace Community.

New Features and Updates for Fall 2018

UPDATE: August 2018

My Courses Widget

This is the area on the iLearn My Home page where your courses are listed.

  • The new courses for a term will be appear in your My Courses widget on the My Home page without being pinned first.
  • You can pin these courses to prevent them from being removed when they close. Just select the ellipses (…) in the upper right corner of the course image and select Pin.
  • You can unpin old courses at any point the same way you have been doing it.
  • Course images will now say “Opens On” instead of “Course Starts”.
  • Students will now be able to see past and future courses in addition to current courses, however the past and future courses will not be accessible, only visible.
  • Students may want to unpin previously pinned courses by clicking the the pin icon on the course image.
  • View more information about the My Courses Widget and Daylight.

Assignments Tool

  • There is now a Text-Only assignment type (under Submission Options in the Properties tab). You cannot change this setting once it is set for that assignment.
  • Examples for uses of Text-Only student submissions
    • Video Links (students can link to Kaltura, Youtube, Vimeo or other)
    • Journal Entries
    • Links to large files

Rubrics Tool

  • They are now consistent across tools now (looks the same across the system) in the assignments tool, discussions and grades.
  • Now links to the grades tool and updates the information with the assigned grade, overall feedback and a link to the detailed rubric feedback.
  • August update - students can see the rubric in the Progress tool in the user drop-down
  • More updates to this tool are coming this semester with a bulk of them in October and a revamp of the user interface to make it simpler to create rubrics around the end of the year.

Turnitin Integration has been updated

  • Grademark grades can be sent to to D2L grades as Draft, you can publish the grades in D2L when you are done grading and ready to release them to the students.
  • Can now choose to use only Grademark even if you don’t want to do the originality (plagiarism) report
  • Group folders work with Turnitin
  • If enabled, students can only submit file types supported by Turnitin

Add your own TA-Grader, TA-Content or Mentor to your Class

UPDATE: May 2018

You can now add your own TA-Grader, TA-Content and/or Mentor to your class in iLearn. Learn how! If you need a TA-Full, Co-Instructor or Incomplete student, please complete the existing request form. If you aren't sure what role you need to use, view the descriptions.

Other Changes for May 2018

Posted May 22, 2018 3:00 PM

Just a reminder. We are updating a few things in iLearn over the next two weeks. Here is an overview of what is happening. We will send more information once the changes are complete.

  • Re-organize the My Home page.
  • Re-organize the Course Home page, adding new widgets for faculty and students.
  • Add/Remove some links from the navigation bars.
  • Changing the default visibility setting for Assignment from Hidden to Visible by default.
  • Kaltura Video Quiz can now be linked to the Grades tool.
  • Allow faculty to enroll and unenroll their own TA's and Mentors (TA-Grader and TA-Content only).


Get the new Brightspace Pulse app

UPDATE: August 24, 2017

This app allows students to stay more connected. It also helps them prepare and improves their productivity by allowing them to access course information on their mobile device. It also allows for push notifications of new announcements, content being added to the course, quizzes and assignments that are due and more.

To setup this app to work with your Tennessee Tech classes on iLearn:

  1. Download the app
  2. Click Pick my School and enter Tennessee Tech University
  3. If it asks for the web address, enter
  4. It will bring up the Tennessee Tech iLearn login screen. Login with your Tennessee Tech account.

Watch this video for more information about using this tool and what it can do for you.

New iLearn Quiz Question Creation Interface

UPDATE: June 29, 2017

With the new Daylight features comes a new quiz question creation experience. We enabled this option on Friday, June 30th. This new experience has a cleaner and more user-friendly interface for creating and editing quiz questions. The feature is also one you can opt-in or out of using currently. If you prefer the old way you can turn off the new experience and go back to what is familiar.

Another quick note about the quiz questions is that the Long Answer Question is now called Written Response Question. It should not affect anything from previous tests, but if you are looking to create an essay type test, you will now use the Written Response Question. This has changed whether you use the new interface or the older one.

View more information about the new quiz question creation interface.

Upgrade to iLearn's New Daylight User Experience

UPDATE: May 30, 2017

We are have updated iLearn with the new Daylight User Experience. Daylight is the new look and feel for D2L Brightspace (iLearn) and allows for more a better viewing experience from different devices.

Don't see your course in the My Home area? You might have to pin them to the top. Learn more about the Daylight Update.