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Creating Media with Kaltura

Kaltura offers a suite of creations tools to allow anyone to create video recordings from any device. The two we will be highlighting are Kaltura Capture and Kaltura Express.

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a full-featured screen recording solution. With Kaltura Capture, you can record any combination of two recording devices (for example two screens, two webcams, or 1 of each) and a microphone. While recording you will have the option to write or draw on your screen using the built-in annotation tools.

Kaltura Capture can be downloaded from either iLearn or the TTU Media Portal. You can access the installer by clicking on the Add New button within My Media and choosing Kaltura Capture.

Once you have Kaltura Capture installed you can get started by checking out this introduction tutorial.

The Kaltura Capture User Guide has more details about the different features and functions so check that out for more information.

Kaltura Express

Kaltura Express is a fast and easy tool for recording your webcam and microphone, no downloads or installs required. Kaltura Express works directly in your web browser so you can start recording in seconds. You can start recording using Kaltura Express by by clicking on the Add New button within My Media and choosing Kaltura Express.

For more detailed information about Kaltura Express, including a walkthrough check out the Kaltura Express User Guide.

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