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    We have begun the transition from Kaltura to YuJa.

    As part of the transition agreement, YuJa will provide support in migrating video content and limited assistance in relinking content in iLearn. In order for your media to be included in the migration, you will need to log in to iLearn and activate your YuJa account. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to begin using YuJa.

    *Any video created in Kaltura after June 25th will not be included in the migration to YuJa.
    **If you are teaching summer school second term, you can still use Kaltura until the end of the term. But any video you create using Kaltura after June 25, will have to be manually downloaded from Kaltura, then uploaded to YuJa.

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Educator Resources 

NOTE: We will continue to update and add resources to this page as we move through the transition. To learn more about the transition process and how you might be affected, visit the Transition Plan and Information page. 

Transitioning from Kaltura 

Login to iLearn and the YuJa Media portal beginning June 15, 2021

Kaltura access will end once the migration is complete. The current deadline is September 30, 2021. 

For the full transition timeline visit our YuJa Media timeline page

Accessing YuJa 

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Additional Assistance 

Please contact the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at or call 931-372-3675.

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