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The College of Business

The College of Business offers 5 majors of study: (Management has several concentrations listed below)

What is Accounting?

If you are like most, the study of accounting seems both daunting and tedious. For those of us who have made this profession our career, we see excitement and fascination in how accounting is able to illuminate the activities of a company. Is it for you? What will you do with that accounting degree? Are there jobs in accounting in today's economy?

Let us assure you that the accounting profession is alive and well! There are indeed jobs, and there will continue to be jobs into the foreseeable future. Accounting is consistently ranked very high as a growth field by every survey conducted. In addition, your potential salary will be one of the top salaries you can get with an undergraduate degree.

What is Business and Information Technology?

BIT students use information technology to solve business problems. This requires more than technical skills. Our program also emphasizes work place skills like business concepts, critical thinking, communications, working with people, project management, and thinking strategically about technology.

What is Business Analytics and Intelligence?

The volume of data available to organizations is expanding exponentially, but the challenge to businesses is developing approaches to harness the meaning of the data to improve decision-making. This is the focus of Business Analytics and Intelligence.

What is General Management?

Management is the science of getting people and resources together to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. It can include things like planning, organizing, staffing and, most importantly, leading.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management helps an organization make the best use of its most valuable asset: its people. The Human Resources function helps an organization select the best employees, develop them to meet their full potential, and reward them in ways that foster individual and organizational success.

What can I do with a Human Resource Management degree?

What is Production & Operations Management?

It is the management of processes and operations used by businesses in the production of their goods and services. It is the study of efficiency and effectively.

Finance combines accounting information and concepts of economics to create decision-making tools that are used to make the best choices about obtaining and allocating resources. Finance students learn how to evaluate financial statements, value securities like stocks and bonds, decide which capital investments a firm should make, and how to consider the costs of financing. A Finance major is excellent preparation for careers in banking, real estate, insurance, brokerage, and corporate financial management.

Marketing is a dynamic, multi-faceted field of business dedicated to helping organizations connect with and serve their customers. Successful marketing blends art and science.

Marketing majors assist organizations with strategic decisions including product design, new product and new service development, brand building, marketing research, marketing communications, publicity and image management, sales management, retailing, entrepreneurship, customer retention, and market opportunity analysis and market development. Marketing discipline is very instrumental in crafting and implementing a sound corporate strategy by inserting the voice of the customer into equation.

A major in marketing teaches students how to manage an organization’s core value-delivery process by mastering the functions needed to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers.

In conclusion,
- Marketing is the backbone for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset.
- Marketing Research is key in understanding customers.
- Marketing Strategy is determining factor to overall corporate strategy.
- Marketing requires great deal of analytical thinking from multiple perspectives in solving complex business problems.