The College of Business

College of Business Production Studio

The College of Business production studio, located in Johnson Hall Room 415, is a media production lab open to Tennessee Tech faculty and staff.

Standard equipment in the room includes:

  • Video production space (with production booth)
  • 80 inch touch-screen presentation screen with stylus for annotations
  • Desktop PC (with Adobe Suite)
  • iMac (with iMovie and teleprompter software)
  • Elmo document camera
  • Lenovo Yoga tablet PC 
  • Lapel Mic for additional audio flexibility
  • Light board capabilities
  • Specialty LED lighting

comprehensive user guide is also available for your reference.

  • Record class lectures and problems
  • Shoot professional interviews
  • Each recording can be ran through either Camtasia or iLearn's Kaltura video platform interface
  • Please remember to bring a flash drive (with at least 5GB of free space) to allow for multiple recordings to be saved
  • Reservations should be made online, and any questions pertaining to the studio may be emailed to
  • Please take a look at our calendar for availability
  • Then fill out a reservation request to have approved
  • Once approved, you will get a confirmation email

Studio Features

The studio includes a confidence monitor in addition to a teleprompter monitor
You have access to a document scanner that ties directly into your recording feed
A recording booth can make additional changes during or after the recording is complete
An 80 inch touchscreen is available to use during your recording