The College of Business

1998 Mayberry Symposium

Danny Cooper and Brent Palk*

On October 27, 1998, a Mayberry Symposium, titled “Leadership and Careers in Y2K and Beyond”, was held in the Johnson Hall auditorium. The panel of speakers consisted of four Mayberry Advisory Board members (Bill Garwood, Jack Swaim, Marie Williams and Dave Beck) as well as two representatives from Fleetguard (David Jones and Melanie Hendricks). Dr. Reimann served as the moderator. The symposium was attended by a large number of students and faculty. The purpose of the symposium was for the panel members to share their views on issues students will be facing during their careers. Topics discussed included the following: workforce diversity, needed skills, technology in the workplace, global environment, career advice, lifelong learning, and leadership characteristics. The following are quotes that capture some of the views expressed on key issues.

The days of getting up and going into an office is changing with the ability to telecommute, working from home, and working non-traditional hours (Hendricks).

Even if you are running a small business here in the U.S., you are going to be faced with global competition in the future.

If you are going to be a part of a major sized corporation you are going to be doing business overseas (Jones).

We all transition between leaders and followers through the different stages in our life. It is important that we observe

successful leaders to see exactly what makes them successful so that we can copy them (Beck).

In the future, success will depend on the ability to manage global business and the virtual organization (Williams).

Concerning the selection of a career path, Jack Swaim stated, “Find your passion and go for that.”

One thing that is sorely needed in leaders is the ability to focus on those things that make a difference in the organization (Garwood).


*Danny Cooper and Brent Palk are Mayberry Graduate Assistants.