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Wings Up, Graduate!

We are excited you are a new alumnus, and we continue to work on our plans to celebrate you with a ceremony. In order to provide the best experience for everyone, Tennessee Tech is requiring you to confirm your attendance at the Aug. 8. It is important that you confirm your attendance and provide your number of guests.

In order to keep our commitment, it’s important we know if you will attend so that we can take the appropriate safety precautions. Please take a moment to read the following key information about Aug. 8 Commencement:

  • This confirmation of participation is required to participate in the ceremony. 
  • Face coverings will be required for all graduates and guests when inside the Hooper Eblen Center. For graduates, this includes while walking across the stage and in stage photos. (You will receive a Class of 2020 custom face masks when you arrive).
  • Graduates will pick up name cards and go directly to the floor seating. Upon exiting the stage, graduates will exit the Hoop tunnel and are asked to meet families at their vehicles. There will be no processional or recessional.
  • Graduates may choose either the Fall 2020 commencement or Spring 2021 Commencement if you do not want to attend Aug. 8. Form to postpone walk..
  • Complete details about Aug. 8, including expected arrival times and guidelines, will be sent to you directly and posted on Tech’s commencement site about one week before the ceremony.

Registration Closed

To participate in the Aug. 8 ceremony, graduates must register by 4:30 Friday, July 31.