Completed Projects

New Buildings



RUC Student Lounge

The new space features a modern open-ceiling construction, new wall and floor finishes, and a combination of fixed and movable furniture to make a flexible space that students can use for different purposes, whether studying, doing group work or playing games. A number of big screen televisions are in the lounge and can be used for viewing programs on the campus cable system or as displays for group work.

Estimated Dates & Budget
Start: 2016; Finish: 2016
Budget: $160,000

Maddux/McCord Residence Halls

Maddux/McCord underwent complete renovation as part of Residential Life’s facility plan. The renovations included enclosure of the breezeway to create new interior space; a new Living Learning Village classroom; new roof; new HVAC and plumbing systems; and new furnishings, lighting, and wall and floor finishes.

Estimated Dates & Budget
Start: 2016; Finish: 2017
Budget: $5.9 million

Jere Whitson Hall Renovation

Jere Whitson Hall is undergoing a complete transformation, with the interior of the structure being gutted and rebuilt to serve as the campus visitor and welcome center, as well as a one-stop-shop for students. The renovated space will include all of Enrollment Management to better serve students. These offices include admissions, financial aid, scholarships, records and registration, advisement, graduation/academic services, and military and veterans affairs.

The Backdoor Playhouse will also be located in the building, with a renovated auditorium as well as occupying the entire basement of the building.

Estimated Dates & Budget
Start: 2016; Finish: 2017
Budget: $5.2 million

West Campus Parking Lot

The new west campus parking lot, located off of University Drive behind the Tech Village apartments will add more than 650 parking spaces to campus and is part of the campus master plan to create a greener, more pedestrian-friendly inner campus. It will be connected with the current lot immediately north of Tech Village, and will have entrance off of University Drive.

Estimated Dates & Budget
Start: 2017; Finish: Fall 2017
Budget: $1.7 million