Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

If you find that you or someone you know have been a victim of emtoional abuse, domestic violence and/or sexual assault, you may contact the TN Tech Counseling Center (931-372-3331) for assistance.  The Genesis House also has a Hotline for Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault (800-707-5197) available 24/7.  You are not alone, and there is always someone available to talk with you.

We have added additional information to assist you in navigating the process of what to do, who to contact, and what your rights are. 

Please review the following links.

What to do if you are a Victim of Sexual Violence

Helping a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Reducing Your Risk of Sexual Assault

 Alcohol, Drugs and Rape

 Signs of an Abusive Relationship and Domestic Violence


 For more information about Title IX and the TN Tech Sexual Misconduct Policy, you may contact Zeva Edmondson at 931-372-3112.



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