Meet The Staff

The Clinicians at the TN Tech Counseling Center are all independently licensed in the State of TN.  There are currently 5 Licensed Counselors and one Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  We also have interns from the Educational Psychology Dept. at TN Tech who are able to work with clients as well under the supervision of a licensed clinician.

Director and Asst Director:

Patricia L Smith, LPC/MHSP: Counseling Center Director

Christina L Mick, EdD, LPC/MHSP: Asst Director


Teresa Benson, LCSW

Abby L Eibel, LPC/MHSP

Angela Rector, LPC/MHSP

S. Shonta Russell, LPC/MHSP

Graduate Clinicians:

Lauren Browning, Graduate Clinician

Kelsi Buck, Graduate Clinician

Support Staff:

Lisa Bowman - Administrative Assistant

Ashley L Gilbert - Outreach Coordinator

L. Ling-Ling Phongsa - Graduate Asst





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