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FAQs: Academics

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to help address any concerns you may have in relation to pass/fail grades.


  • Are all Tech students eligible to designate a course pass/fail?

    No, only undergraduate students are eligible to use this designation

  • When can this designation be requested?

    The faculty and staff at Tennessee Tech have full confidence in your ability to succeed. If after grades are posted, you want to consider designating a course pass/fail, you can do that. Request for this designation will be accepted from May 11 through May 17, 2020.

  • How do I designate a course Pass/Fail?

    Beginning May 11, in order to request the Pass/Fail option on a course for the Spring 2020 term, you need to:

    1. Log in to Eagle Online
    2. Click "Student"
    3. Click "Records"
    4. Choose "Final Term Grades"
    5. Select the course you would like the Pass/Fail option for and click submit.

  • Are there guidelines that a student might consider before making this determination?

    Students in extenuating circumstances may benefit from the Pass/Fail option. However, it may not be in a student’s best interest to opt for a Pass/Fail grade in certain courses.

    For instance, it may not be in a student's best interest to utilize the Pass/Fail option with:

    • Courses requiring a specific grade for progression in the curriculum/program (e.g., “minimum of C or better” requirement),
    • Courses that are part of programs requiring licensure,
    • Courses that are admission requirements for professional and graduate programs, and other similar long-term pathways.

    For course and program requirements, review the undergraduate academic catalog for your program of study.


    It is expected that all undergraduate students review the items above and consult with their academic advisor before taking action on a course. 

    It is also important to consider the progression to graduation implications that may occur with taking advantage of these options.

  • Should students receiving military or veteran benefits consider this option?

    It is recommended that all students receiving military or veteran benefits contact the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs, available at, prior to utilizing the Pass/Fail option. 

  • How will Pass/Fail impact my GPA?

    If you designate a course Pass/Fail, the grade you earn in that course will convert as follows:

    • A - D will be converted to Pass.
    • F will be converted to Fail.

    Pass grades (P) will not computed in the students’ GPA; however, these courses will count towards earned semester hours. Failing (F) grades are computed in the student’s GPA. P/F courses may be repeated for regular letter grades at a later date.


  • How many courses can I designate as Pass/Fail?


    There is no restriction on the number of credits that may be requested for P/F grades in Spring 2020.