Appalachian Center for Craft

Certificate: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between the non-degree Craft Certificate and a BFA degree?

A: The non-degree Craft Certificate is conferred as a formal recognition by the craft faculty of an emerging professional level of studio knowledge and accomplishment in one of the five craft studios (clay, fibers, glass, metals, and wood). Students are required to take only art courses; no general education curriculum is required for the Certificate. However, students in the Certificate Program have the same University admission requirements as degree-seeking students.

TTU’s School of Art, Craft & Design Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) offers eight (8) concentrations of study and is a professional undergraduate degree preparing graduates for professional practice in all the above five craft concentrations, and also art education, design (digital media), and painting. Our BFA degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Q: Do I have to submit a portfolio for admission into the Certificate Program?

A: No. We currently do not require a portfolio review.

Q: What are the requirements to be admitted to TTU/School of Art, Craft & Design/Craft Center?

A: Visit

Q: What are the deadlines to apply for admission to TTU?

A: You must apply for the fall term by August 1st; the spring term by December 1st; and the summer term by May 1st to be admitted.

Q: Are there financial aid options and/or scholarships available to Certificate students?

A: No. The Certificate is a non‐degree program, therefore is not supported by federal aid. (This includes the FAFSA and Pell, etc.)

Q: As a prospective Certificate student, how can I schedule a tour of the Appalachian Center for Craft’s facilities, studios and housing?

A: Prospective students may contact the Craft Center at 931-372-3051, email or contact the Student Success Center at 931-372-6036, email; or visit Prospective Student Tours for information and scheduling.

Q: How many semesters does it take to complete the Certificate Program?

A: It usually takes about six semesters to complete the Certificate program.

Q: What classes are required to complete the Certificate program?

A: Certificate students are not required to take general curriculum courses (i.e. English, math, etc.). Curriculum Requirements for the Craft Certificate [will insert new curriculum page link]


Q: How do I get help with the Admissions process?

A: Contact Meredith Lewis, advisor to craft students, in the Student Success Center, or call 931-372-6036; or Janet Johnson in the School of Art, Craft & Design, email or call 931-372-3738.

Q: Can I apply online for Admission to Tennessee Tech?

A: Yes. Go to and follow the listed instructions. If you have further questions regarding admissions, or you would like a paper copy of the admissions application mailed to you, you can contact Tennessee Tech’s Admissions Office at 800.255.8881 or 931.372.3888.

Q: On the TTU admissions application, how do I show or indicate that I want to be a Craft Certificate student at the Appalachian Center for Craft?

A: In the section titled “Enrollment Information” on TTU’s Admission application:

  • Select your classification (i.e. freshman, sophomore, Transfer).
  • Beside the line “Intended Major” enter “Craft Certificate” followed by your studio of choice (i.e. clay, fibers, glass, metals, wood).
  • It also helps if you write the words “Craft Center” somewhere in the “intended major” section. This notation assists in processing your application in the non-degree program.

Q: I want to transfer from another school, how can I find out which of my classes will transfer and how Tennessee Tech will count those credits? The Student Success Center can also assist you.

A: Visit this link: to see Tennessee Tech’s transfer equivalency charts. You can then select your last school attended and see how those credits transfer into the Tennessee Tech system.

Q: Who is my advisor or whom do I contact if I have questions about a specific craft medium or class?

A: Initially, contact the Craft Center,, or Meredith Lewis,, in the Student Success Center for advising assistance. Ultimately, your advisor will be the professor who heads your primary studio of interest.


Q: What if I enroll as a Certificate student and then decide I want the BFA?

A: In order to switch from the Certificate to the BFA a student must re‐apply to TTU and must be readmitted as a degree-seeking student. Please confer with your advisor.


Q: Where do I pay my tuition and fees?

A: University tuition and fees are paid directly to Tennessee Tech’s Bursar’s Office. Once you have registered for classes you have the option to pay online via web check or credit card. For more information regarding payment, contact the TTU Bursar’s Office at 931.372.3311 or email

Q: As a Certificate student, am I required to live on-campus in Craft Center student housing?

A: No. Again, since the Certificate is a non‐degree program, there is no on-campus housing requirement for Certificate students.

Q: Does the Craft Center offer a meal plan?

A: TTU’s main campus offers meal plans and a variety of on-campus dining options. There is currently no meal plan at the Craft Center; housing units are equipped with full kitchens.

Q: Are there student employment opportunities at the Craft Center?

A: Yes. Student workers are occasionally hired in maintenance/grounds and the gallery.

Q: Does TTU’s School of Art, Craft & Design | Appalachian Center for Craft offer a Master of Fine Arts degree?

A: We currently do not offer an MFA degree.