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Craft Certificate (non-degree)
The non-degree Craft Certificate program allows students to develop or enhance the professional skills necessary to embark on a career in craft.

The program is designed for those seeking professional-level training in craft media without the objective of a college degree. This program also provides an opportunity for those who already have a degree and wish to focus on specialized training.

Available in all five craft concentrations (clay, fibers, glass, metals, and wood), the Certificate is conferred by the Craft Center faculty as a formal recognition of a level of studio knowledge and accomplishment at an emerging professional level. The certificate represents a significant level of accomplishment, but it is not a college degree.

Certificate Program admission standards are the same as for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program. Course requirements are similar to the BFA curriculum, but exclude general education courses and the BFA senior thesis project and exhibition.

Students in the Certificate program generally maintain at least six credit hours of course work per semester and complete the foundation requirements within the first 18 credits in the program.

Independent study credits may, at the discretion of the faculty advisor, be applied to a studio project representing the level of accomplishment at the culmination of studies.

Although the Craft Certificate is a non-degree program, students must still be admitted to Tennessee Tech University. Federal/state financial aid is not available for the Certificate Program due to its non-degree status.