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Artist in Residence / Wood

Walter Biffle:

Artist Statement for Walter Biffle

It took me twelve years of artistic production to notice there was common thread in all the work I did. You know how it is: sometimes we're so close to our own particular subject matter we fail to see what it is we're exactly trying to do. And so was the case with me. The particular thing I'd failed to see was how domesticity, how my very own sense of a coherent, personal space was important to me and was an
enormous influence on my work.

So for the past three years I explored the personalization of some pretty odd spaces: one was a tiny, vintage camper; another was a 6,000 square foot, 200 year old warehouse I converted into a workshop, home and gallery space all in one. But no matter the space, my efforts were always focused on responding to the space at hand and imbuing each one with its own sense of whimsy and artsy wonder.

Now, as the new artist-in-residence at the Appalachian Center for Craft, I don't know how this recent awareness will manifest itself but I think I can offer a hint: it's probably going to involve the comforting, ancient tick tock of a wooden clock.