Appalachian Center for Craft


All workshops meet Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Workshop fees include all materials and lunch.


September 29, 2018
Cold Connected Pendants with Anne Bujold
Make a one-of-a-kind pendant with different metals to create a striking contrast. Learn to utilize a rolling mill to develop textures, patina to add color, and rivets to connect the pieces. - $85

October 6, 2018
Textured Bangles with Anne Bujold
Stackable bangles are a playful accessory and fun to make. Learn to add texture to metal using hammers and a torch to solder and connect parts. - $85

February 23, 2019
Chain Making with Anne Bujold
Hand crafted chain is a great complement to your own jewelry or a fantastic accessory on its own. Explore several different styles of chain making to create your own. - $85

March 2, 2019
Forming Flowers with Anne Bujold
Use hammers and forming stakes to transform flat sheet metal into botanical forms. Learn to develop volume and refine forms to create organic shapes. - $85